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J. Co Donuts and Coffee- SM Megamall

Recently, we had an Eat's a Date event in J. Co Donuts and Coffee in SM Megamall (Thanks to Openrice!). Overall, the J.Co event went well, and sweet! We had a super full and delicious weekend breakfast :)

In case you don't know, J. Co Donuts and Coffee is a cafe retailer that originated in Indonesia. Now, it has several branches already in Bali, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai, and Manila. 

Their branch in SM Megamall is big, and cozy. The ambiance is perfect for a weekend afternoon chit-chat with friends.

And finally, here are the foods and drinks!

Fortunately, when we arrived, the famous super long J. Co Donuts line has not yet built up, so I was able to take a shot of all their offerings during that day.

From  left to right: (a) Jacky Chunk (b) Alcapone (c) Snow White (d) Sugar Ice
From left to right: (a) Cheese Me Up (b) Mona Pisa (c) Crunchy Crunchy (d) Meisisipi
From left to right: (a) Why Nut (b) Green Tease (c) Blue Berrymore (d) Berry Spears

The J.Co bestseller, is the Alcapone- composed of tasteful white Belgian chocolate with crunchy Californian almonds.

After having a bite of this simple looking J. Co donut, my heart melted. The bread is soft, and  melts in your mouth! The white Belgian chocolate is creamy, and not too sweet and pairs well with the fresh and crunchy almonds. No wonder why they are able to sell hundreds of Alcapone everyday...

Also, we are given the chance to choose 2 flavors- I personally opted for Cheese Me Up (since I'm a cheese lover), and Alcapone (a default choice because it is a bestseller).

I super duper over loved the Cheese Me Up! It is the perfect choice if you are not really fond of sweet donuts, but still likes something soft, chewy, and cheesy! 10 stars!

Also, the management gave us free samples of Mona Pisa, after telling them that we are really curious with donuts with a salty kick. Guess what, after tasting, Mona Pisa tied with Cheese me up in my top 1 choices! The chicken sausage with ketchup topped over the soft donut with loads of cheese, is just so adorable. Please please give me one box of Mona Pisa?

While wandering around the store, I saw this mixer- cool! Donut making in action!

After showing the donuts, here are the drinks- Cheers guys!

Left to right: (a) Iced Hazelnut Latte (b) Iced Cappucino
(a) Iced Hazelnut Latte- light flavored and creamy.
(b) Jcoccino Frappe- one of the store specialties. The frosting on top is strongly flavored with coffee and super yummy!

Left to right: (c) Orange Yogurt Frappe, (d)  Green Tea Frappe
(c) Orange Yogurt Frappe - it may sound simple, but it is one of the top picks of the day! The sour taste of orange matches well with the creamy and icy blend of frappe.
(d) Green Tea Frappe- healthy and delicious drink. The matcha flavor was combined with milk and whipped cream to give a satisfying green kick.

Left to Right: (e) Iced Thai Tea, (f) Cafe Avocado
(e) Iced Thai Tea- light blend of black tea and milk that is nearly same with the usual milk tea blends in the market. nothing exceptional.
(f) Cafe Avocado - at first gulp, it may seem weird. The avocado flavor can be found in the after taste. Not too sweet- good to try for first-timers to have that avocado experience.

Aside from donuts and drinks, they also offer ice cream- in the form of yogurt- J.Cool!

J.Co's version of yogurt is super ok. It has the right blend- not too sour, sot too sweet, and creamy. You have the choice to top it with different fruits and flavors like mochi, kiwi, blueberry, peaches, and mangoes.

And there goes, our wonderful J. Co experience.... here's a group shot!

So, feel free to visit J. Co Donuts SM Megamall now! Good food + Good place = perfect day for you and your loved ones!

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