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IMC (Internal Master Chef) Kavino

IMC Kavino is a restaurant along Jupiter Street, Makati serving Chinese food. Chinese Cuisine with a Twist is the overall statement that I can give after trying out their food. The've tried to customize each dish to add the IMC Kavino fusion.
IMC (International Master Chef ) Kavino, along Jupiter street, Makati City
Recently, Openrice  partnered with IMC kavino for the Eat's a Date event. We are able to try out the restaurant's specialties while having fun with other food bloggers! So, let me present the long list of gastronomic adventure we tried...

Takoyaki- 388 pesos. First dish served, and we were all blown-off with the unique, super delicious taste. One of a kind indeed.

Is this Takoyaki? I'm thinking that this is probably your first question. Yes it is, with a super twisted twist. IMC Kavino formulated a whole new realm for takoyaki to be a healthy treat for everyone. To eat it, what you need to do is hold, squeeze (until you hear those crumbs crunching), then give your biggest bite. The taste is heavenly, I'm telling you. Just think of the usual Takoyaki ingredients (without the flour), crispy vegetables, and puffed octopus. A must -try! 

Ratings: 10/10

Hongkong Style Chicken Buns, 108 pesos for 3 pcs

This reminds me of the usual "Bola-bola" Siopao we have in local stores. The IMC Kavino twist is that it doesn't have a sauce since the filling itself is tasty enough to empower the whole bun. This is quite a sad thing since I really really love to put a lot of sauce in my siopao. Nothing special with the filling aside from being healthy because of using Chicken. What I love with their version is the soft, fluffy, and authentic Mantao bread of the buns. 

Ratings: 7/10

Veggie ala Beijing, 338 pesos

It looks like the Chinese Fresh Lumpia right? What IMC kavino tried doing here is placing deep fried tofu with fresh vegetables in their special sauce (with Hoisin sauce) , and wrapping it in lumpia wrapper. The main flavor that shows up in your first bite is the sweetness, then followed by the slightly salty taste of tofu.  If you are on the healthy side of eating, then try this. 

Ratings: 7/10

Pumpkin Puree Seafood Soup, (100 pesos/cup)

I'm not into pumpkin soups, but after tasting IMC Kavino's rendition, i love it! Their pumpkin soup is broth based which means that it is not super creamy. It is overloaded with seafoods that really enhances the base flavor of pumpkin. A plus point i the presentation- it looks adorable right?

Ratings: 9/10

Prawn with Salted Egg and Fried Kangkong, 

Fresh, juicy shrimps, are covered with high-quality mashed salted egg, covered with breading and fried to perfection. This dish will surely make you wonder how the mixture of flavors turned into something great. A plus point is the fried kangkong that really melts in your mouth. After asking some of the staff, we found out that it is being of the sugar glazing before frying. Even though it's quite oily, it's still tasty.

Ratings: 8/10

King Dao Spareribs with Chinese White Wine and Mayo, 328 pesos

This dish from IMC Kavino has several secrets. First, it is composed of 3 distinct flavors: (a) Left side, flavored with Mayo and white wine, (b)Right side,red sauce with a hint of ketchup, and (c) Try to mix the two dishes, and you get a slightly sour, sweet, and salty mixture of spareribs. The meat is tender and juicy, so it is definitely a hit when paired with rice. Another secret is the plate. The owner custom made this cute heart-shaped dish which really shows how they are concerned not just with the food but with the presentation and details.

Ratings: 8.8/10

Drunken Chicken, 498 pesos

This is one of the specialties of IMC Kavino. As the name suggests, it is chicken poured over with white wine. it is healthy because it is not fried. However, for me, it lacks strong flavors. 

Ratings: 6/10

Three Cup Beef Tenderloin Cubes, 388 pesos

It is named 3 cups, because it has 3 cups worth of serving. A disclaimer is that it is named "beef", but it is made of chicken. Yes, it may sound weird naming a chicken dish with beef. Nonetheless, it is strongly flavored with salty and spicy jerks of Chinese spices. Make sure to eat it with rice, to enjoy a balanced flavor.

Ratings: 7/10

Pan-grilled Mixed Mushroom with Garlic-

The mushrooms are juicy and cooked perfectly. The garlic was well-blended with it resulting to a burst of flavors.

Ratings: 7.5/10

Salted Fish Fried Rice, 

This is my favorite rice in IMC Kavino. the fried fish adds a tasty enticing taste to the overall fried rice concept. This is best paired with almost every viand in their menu. Make sure to order enough for everyone.

Ratings: 9/10

Golden Garlic Yang Chow Fried Rice, 248 pesos

Nothing special. It is a usual yang chow fried rice but less oily.

Ratings: 8/10

Vegetable Curry Fried Rice

I don't like how the curry flavor because it seems to cover every flavor with the dish I'm eating it with. But if you love curry, do not hesitate to  try this one out.

Ratings: 6/10

Snowball, 120 pesos, 4 pcs

The mochi-like dessert of IMC kavino is served with a great presentation of steamed-style. It has a nice sticky, smooth texture with a not super sweet red bean filling.

Ratings: 7.5/10

Coconut Taro with Black Rice Sago, 

This is my favorite dessert in IMC kavino. You may think it's hot, but its unexpectedly cold! This temperature difference surely creates the feeling of it being a good comfort food in a rainy day. it is not too sweet and the black rice adds the healthy kick. Try it!

Ratings: 9.5/10

Malayan Cake, 108 pesos, 5 pcs

These adorable puffs look like the local "puto" right? What's unique about it is that it is spongy and super fluffy! It has a mildly sweet taste, and a melt in your mouth texture. 

Ratings: 8/10

Overall, IMC Kavino indeed never failed to impress us all. The delicious fusion dishes are mostly one of a kind and were carefully crafted to suit everyone's taste. Try it especially if you happen to love Chinese authentic food.

Thanks to Openrice and IMC Kavino again for the Eat's a Date event!


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