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8 Spices- Truly Authentic Thai Food

8 Spices is a classy Thai restaurant along Scout Borromeo, South Triangle, Quezon City. The place shows a sophisticated and private aura which is perfect for a serene and hearty meal together with your friends. 

For those who are wondering- the name "8 Spices" actually came from the eight spices that the restaurant uses to give that delectable flavor in each dish.

The first dish served is the ever famous Fried Chicken Pandan.

Their rendition is superb. It was able to excite our taste buds because the chicken is well flavored inside out. Also, the native, leafy traces of Pandan leaves mixed through the chicken skin resulting into a burst of Pandan flavor. Even though this dish is common in local restaurants, I can say that this is still different, unique, and of course authentic.
Ratings: 4.8/5

Next is the Pomelo Salad. At first, i thought that this will be composed of salad greens, pomelo, and balsamic vinegar. But after serving, here it is-

It is made up of course of Pomelo chunks, fresh Shrimps, and loads of "Latik" (fried coconut milk). The dressing is quite hard to describe but it seems like it is composed of coconut milk with traces of vinaigrette. The Latik adds a kick of sweetness with the sour base of pomelo. It is quite spicy (I love it), and super tasty. On the first bite, it may seem odd because of its unique mixture of flavors, but after a few seconds, you'll start to appreciate how it personifies a true Asian appetizer.
Ratings: 4.8/5

For the main staple, we had 2 types of rice- (1) Baked Pineappple Rice with Seafood in Chili Paste, and (2) Bagoong Fried Rice

Ok- so both dishes seem to be a lot of rice right? So let us review it one by one:

(1) Baked Pineapple Rice with Seafood in Chili Paste- presentation wise, this is a sure winner. Served inside a hollow pineapple, it appears almost like Spongebob's house in Bikini Bottom. Kiddin' aside, this rice exhibits a mild trace of sweetness with a slightly sour after taste. I wasn't able to fully appreciate it because I'm more into salty foods.
Ratings: 3.5/5

(2) Bagoong Fried Rice- the crowd favorite. The salty flavor seems to complement everyone's palate because you can definitely eat it on it's own. I also loved the fact that 8 Spices used a home made authentic Thai Bagoong (imported from Thailand), and not the usual ones being sold in the market. Super thumbs up! Considering the fact, that I seldom eat rice, but when I tasted this dish- i just said to myself--- "Screw diet". 
Ratings: 4.8/5

For the main course, we had the well-famed Beef Rendang-

This dish is the specialty of 8 Spices-as it really used the 8 Spices from which the restaurant is named after. The preparation of the beef and overall process takes more than 24 hours to complete- a true product of hardwork! No wonder why it is super delicious! the beef is tender, the curry is just right without being too strong, and the mixture of flavors all combines into one gentle, beef curry dish. A must try!
Ratings: 5/5

Next is the Bangus Sisig- though there are a lot of renditions on local restaurants, this version I must say is unique and superb! Yum yum yum!

If you are on a diet and still wants to try some tasty food, Bangus Sisig is the right choice for you! The Bangus is blended with a special mixture of sauce and spices, with a mildly spicy flavor, cooked in a hot sizzling plate. The skin becomes crunchy after a while which is a sure delight. Try to squeeze some calamansi to add a sour kick. Same with Bagoong Rice, this is a crowd favorite. Do not forget to order this when you visit 8 Spices.
Ratings: 5/5

And of course, our last main course- Crispy Whole Catfish with Salt and Pepper,

I am not a fan of Catfish because usually it tastes like soil. But after trying this, there was a sudden change of heart. The catfish tastes clean, and fresh! The plain flavors of salt, pepper, and crispy breading topped with salsa all paired well with the gentle flavor of the fish. Just be careful for the catfish is quite thorny. I didn't super liked it though because it is too plain for me which seems like a normal fried fish. 
Ratings: 3.9/5

Of course, this entry will not end without having desserts right?

Black Sticky Rice, 

This is like the high-class Thai version of the local "Biko". The difference is the grainy yet smooth texture of the black sticky rice. Also, it is not too sweet which is a must for every dessert so you can eat a lot. Lastly, it is topped with Thai Leche Flan with a toasted sugar coating on top. The whole piece is rest on top of coconut milk syrup. The mild combination of rice and milk results into a yummy dessert. Yummy!
Ratings: 4.7/5

The last and definitely not the least, the Heart-melter, the Star of our lunch, is the Thako,

This is the Thai version of Maja Blanca upgraded to the nth power! Once you take a bite, you can taste a bit of heaven for the coconut and milk mixture all melts slowly and perfectly in your mouth. It is served chilled- a perfect ender for all of the tasty dishes you had in your meal. I cannot say more, you just have to taste it to experience its greatness! 
Ratings: 10/5 (Yes, it exceeds our expectations).

And that's it, our 8 Spices experience, by the way, here is a shot of their chef who made all of these delectable dishes-

Super thanks to Openrice for this Eat's a Date event! You can also visit their site to see how you can join us in our future foodtrips...

Special thanks to Jon Zuniga for all of the wonderful , sharp, and yummy pictures.


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