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Kulinarya Kitchen Part 1- Starters - Rockwell's finest

Last June 30, 2012, we got a chance to have a dinner at Kulinarya Kitchen @ Rockwell, thanks a lot to Eat's a Date event of Openrice (click HERE)   and Kulinarya.  Overall, the whole experience is very fun and worth the time -all because of their great food, service, and place.

Kulinarya Kitchen @ Rockwell
Before, I thought that Kulinarya is a restaurant featuring Filipino food because the name itself sounds like Filipino-Spanish. But after a quick overview from the owner, I was able to know that it combines Asian and European flavors, plus giving it a unique twist. And now, let's go to the food. Be prepared..for these pictures are surely hungry-fying! 

First on the table is the Seafood Salad Maki, 215 pesos
Seafood Salad Maki, 215 pesos. A perfect appetizer

The Seafood Salad Maki is a new addition in their menu. It is basically shrimp and crabstick salad maki deep fried plus all the other  usual maki ingredients. So what makes this Maki different from the others? Let me give you 3 good reasons: 

(a)You don't need to dip it in Maki and Wasabi sauce. Why? It's mixed inside the salad creating a burst of flavor on your first bite.
(b) First ever deep fried Maki that I've tried- and it's perfect. The crunchy outside texture complements the soft salad inside.
(c) The taste is simple amazing. it's delicious. yummy. addicting. just like my own personal brand of heroine (like what bold shirts say haha). If you are curious, just try it. I'm marking it as the BEST MAKI EVER :)

Here's a close-up picture
Seafood Salad Maki- i want you! now! :)Rati
Rating for Seafood Salad Maki: 5/5

Next, is the White Cheese Pizza, 295 pesos-

White Cheese Pizza, topped with my local favorite Kesong Puti
This pizza is a combination of mozzarella, parmesan, and cream cheese topped with local kesong puti. If you are a certified cheese lover (like me), you can surely eat up a whole of this. It's thin crust by the way, so it's light yet super delicious.

Rating for White Cheese Pizza: 5/5

The ever-famous Buffalo Wings, (with a Pinoy twist)-

Buffalo Wings in focus. It is flavorful and not oily 
Their Buffalo Wings is not too spicy, and has a slightly sweet flavor-so it is surely a hit for Filipinos. Also the skin still remains crunchy even with the sauce on it. It may not be the best out there, but it's still ok. Thumbs Up!

Rating for Buffalo Chicken: 4.5/5

Next in line, Fresh Mushroom Soup, 165 pesos
Fresh Mushroom Soup with Bread on the side
This is the first Mushroom soup that I've tried- honestly, it is quite like Gravy, but has a cleaner and simpler flavor so it doesn't really feel like eating sauce. It goes perfect with the freshly baked bread ( I love their bread! soft and tasty! ) on the side. Dip and dunk in your mouth.

Rating for Fresh Mushroom Soup: 4/5

Here are the healthy dishes...Salads! First is the Crab and Mango Salad, 220 pesos for Solo/415 sharing
Sweet and Delicious Salad- Crab and Salad Maki
The Crab and Salad Maki is like a bigger and bolder version of the Japanese Kani Salad. It has a sweet and comforting taste. Even non-veggie lovers will eat this because of the perfect blending of flavors.

Rating for Crab and Salad Maki: 4/5

Next is the Harvest Salad (Solo/250 Sharing/475 pesos),

Harvest Salad- see those pistachio nuts, grapes, and feta cheese? 
This is one of their specialties, and combines salad greens, grapes, feta cheese, apples, nuts drizzled with Italian and balsamic vinaigrette. Personally, I like this, since it is quite sour and classy in taste-just my type.  Light and tasty, so it is a perfect salad side for meat dishes, or if you are on veggie mode, then eat it alone, and it's still perfect.

Rating for Harvest Salad: 4.8/5

Wonder what's next? Of course, we now go to the main courses, meat dishes, and desserts! Continue to my next Kulinarya Posts...
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