Sunday, August 5, 2012

Empanada Nation- Vigan, Bagnet, etc.

As you all know..I'm a super lover of Vigan Empanada. When we visited Vigan-Pagudpud last Holy Week 2012, we ate empanada for breakfast...lunch...dinner...and oh, I almost forgot, even midnight snack.

Fortunately, while strolling around South Triangle Quezon City, we found Empanada Nation. The place is home-nature-themed combined so it really feels comfortable to dine especially with the cold breeze of August air.

We ordered, Special Vigan Empanada (egg, vigan longganisa, papaya, mongo), 55 pesos
Freshly Cooked Empanada! Pair it with Spicy Vinegar.... Boom!
This empanada is the best I've tried here in Manila! The crust is perfect- crunchy, comes with the right thickness (not too thin), has the Laoag empanada texture (looks powdery on the outside, and not oily), and is very tasty (not too salty, and has a kick of pepper.) For the filling- the authentic Vigan Longganisa empowers the overall mixture of egg, papaya and mongo sprouts.

if you are wondering about the insides, here it is...

Egg, Vigan Longganisa, Papaya, Mongo wrapped in special crust...Yummy! I want this now!
To share a trivia- the good thing about Empanada Nation's rendition is that it uses the original filling " grated papaya + mongo". Some versions just use  cabbage as an alternative but it doesn't give the full flavor. So if you are curious about the difference then try it! For 55 pesos, you surely get your money's worth.

Ratings: 10/10

Also, we ordered King's meal, for 145 pesos. According to the staff, this is their bestseller among all rice meals...

Eat like a king! , king's meal, 145 pesos

I wasn't able to try this, but according to Jon (well, i trust his food judgement :) , this meal is complete in the sense that it has Bagnet, Salted egg (itlog na maalat in Filipino), and Vigan Longganisa- a full cast of Vigan's specialties right! Also it comes with the special KBL sauce (Kamatis, Bagoong, and Lasuna-red onion). If you are hungry, then order this! A bonus point is that it has unlimited fried rice! Indeed... as quoted by him, " You can eat like a King. .. "

Ratings: 8.7 / 10

That's our Vigan Foodtrip experience in Quezon City... Will we come back in Empanada Nation? definitely YES!...again..and again...and again!

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