Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chef WannaBe Recipe #2-Dane's Sinful Graham Cake

One of the easiest yet best desserts famous to every party is the Graham Cake. Now let me share with you a recipe that we've long been using and is a sure hit. You may be thinking why is it sinful? Simply because it's ingredients are high in calories...but as we say, sinful things are really enticing right? So give yourself a break and try this!

RECIPE NAME: Dane's Sinful Graham Cake
UNIQUE CHARACTERISTIC/FLAVOR: A kick of coffee in the crust, and creamy fine goodness of the cream&milk layer.

2 packs chilled Nestle Cream (250 ml per pack)(Put in refrigerator for at least 2 hours)
1/2 can Condensed milk
1 big pack Graham crackers
1 tbsp black coffee
Kitkat and Crunch for toppings (or mango and peaches for healthier alternative)

rectangle tupperware
spoons (for mixing)
mixing bowl
egg beater

(1) Mix the chilled cream and condensed milk in a bowl. Use egg beater to add volume or a hand mixer with low setting. Set aside in the refrigerator.
(2) On the other hand, place the Graham crackers in the tupperware -ensuring that it covers the whole base. 
(3) Mix the black coffee with hot water-just enough to make it slightly bitter in taste. 
(4) Pour the coffee mixture in the graham crackers-not too much-just the right amount for damping the crackers and soften them. if you want stronger coffee taste, then add more coffee mixture.
(5) Get the cream mixture from refrigerator, and pour it onto the first graham layer.
(6) Alternately place graham and cream layers up to 3 or 4 iterations to for a thicker, flavorful taste.
(7) On the top layer, put some chopped Kitkat and Crunch chocolates.
(8) Put in the freezer, if you want the graham crackers to soften and form a blended melt in your mouth goodness cake, place it for a minimum of 4 hours.

**HEALTHY TIP:  If you want a healthier, fruity alternative, use mangoes and peaches as toppings. You can also place fruits in the middle layers for more fruity flavor. Yummy!

And now, here's the final product---

Chef WannaBe Recipe #2 - Dane's Sinful Graham Cake

This is just a slice of it. You can be creative in creating your own Dane's Sinful Graham Cake. Just think outside the box....

And here's another one, for a mini version...

Go and try to create your own! Feel free to comment and give your feedback on how to improve this recipe.

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  1. The best to sa tingin ko! Picture pa lang katakamtakam na!!! :D

    BTW, how much did you spend for this?

  2. Thanks Chard!- I spent approximately 250 pesos for 1 rectangle and 2 small round cakes. Sulit na for the taste :)

  3. I will definitely try this recipe on weekends tingin pa lang yumm yum na!!!

  4. Great @topexpress! Sige try mo and please please let me know the results! I'll be posting more recipes soon so watch out!


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