Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @ Soderno - July 29

Guys- The Ultimate Taste Test Series never ends. After several months, we again have another UTT 9.0! This time in Soderno, Alabang! Good thing for South people like me, finally it's nearer!

You'll get a taste of over 30+  Home-Based vendors in the south, for only 300 pesos. Hurry because they only have 500 slots for the event, so what are you waiting for? Join UTT 9.0 now!

Personally, I was able to try UTT 6.0, and it was indeed a fun experience- here's my blog about it. Do I recommend going? Of course-YES! For foodies, friends, and family, this is surely a nice way to bond and end a busy week. 

For more details, go to Our Awesome Planet's site :) See yah!

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