Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Banoi's - Vietnamese Food experience

Last Friday, we tried Banoi's in Makati. I've been curious for a long time about their great food since a lot of people are raving about it. Luckily, Metrodeals offered a good deal of almost 50%,(set meal for 2, 500 pesos instead of 1000 for all of these dishes), and considered it as a sign to finally try out this famed place.

Banoi's is located in Perea street, near Greenbelt. It's a hole in the wall type of restaurant , Asian themed, with red and black accents in the place. Just the right place to have a comfy Friday night.

Our drink arrived first: i forgot the name, but it it has some sort of Aloe Vera flavor- it's refreshing (especially when super cold!)
So cool and refreshing!
Next - Fried Spring Rolls (Cha Gio), 190 pesos. This is our favorite dish of the night! Crunchy skin, and juicy meat inside! Roll it with lettuce, and dip in the special Vietnamese sauce (nuoc mam) and you'll surely feel how good it is!
Cha Gio, 190 pesos - mixture of ground pork, taro, shrimp, and black fungus wrapped and deep fried
I love the way how this dish was cooked- and a plus point is that it is not too oily. Actually, I'm thinking of doing a remake at home so wish me luck. Here is a closeup picture-
See that juicy meat, taro, and shrimp inside? Yummy
Rating: 9/10

Next, is of course the famous Pho Bo (homemade beef noodles with herbs and spices), 255 pesos
Freshly served Pho Bo. Healthy-eating mode ...
It comes with a plate of herbs and spices--lime, chili, and beansprouts. All you need to do is just squeeze the lemon in the noodles, pour some beansprouts and top it with chili to get the perfect noodle soup!

Lime, Sprouts, and chili! 
Here is a candid shot of me in action - 
I'm busy putting beansprouts in my Pho Bo
And after placing the herbs, here is the final picture. Tadaaannn....
Super love the chili on top! Adds the perfect kick!
I like healthy and herb-y foods, so I really appreciate Banoi's Pho Bo version. It has a clean defined soup, with al dente noodles. I put a lot of chili and it turned out well! The beef is tender, and fresh.  if you like asian flavors, I'm sure that you'll love it. It's not at par with Bawai's in tagaytay (which I was also able to taste in Soderno , Alabang food market).

Ratings: 9/10

Our last dish is Braised Chicken with Steamed Rice, 240 pesos-
Braised Chicken with the curry and lemongrass flavor
Their braised chicken has a curry and lemongrass flavor which adds the full strong flavor. We just felt that its quite oily and burned. Nonetheless, it still goes well with freshly steamed rice. (see picture below). I'm not a rice lover, but I super like their perfectly cooked white rice!

Rating: 7/10

Rice Rice Rice!!!
Overall, this Vietnamese food experience is worth it. For people who like healthy type of foods, you'll enjoy Banoi's. It'a simple place which offers authentic flavors in the heart of Metro. Try it!

Overall Rating: 8/10



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