Monday, July 16, 2012

Papa John's - Makati branch- great pizza place

Recently, I attended the Eat's a Date event of Open Rice. For your information, Eat's a Date is a social food tasting event wherein you get to try the food (mostly bestsellers and specialties) for free and all you need to do is blog about it, and enjoy-plus point is that you get to meet a lot of people.

The venue is at Papa John's - Jupiter, Makati branch. The place is clean, simple yet modern, American-themed, and has the overall feeling of a pizza place. It is a nice place to have dinner or snacks with your friends in the middle of a busy day.

We are served several dishes- and all are yummy!  For appetizers, we tried Onion Rings (129 pesos), Potato wedges, and Mozarella sticks (129 pesos)

All of their appetizers are reasonably priced,and delicious. It will truly prepare you for the upcoming heavy dishes. Just prepare not to overeat. If you are on the healthy side, they also have Green salad with chicken.

Their pizzas are hand tossed so it really has that chewy oven baked texture that you will adore.

So what's special about Papa John's? One of the trivia that I can share is that every pizza comes with a butter dip and chili. You can simple dip the crust in the butter while biting the chili to add the spicy kick.

We tried 3 pizzas- and all of them are great! First is Super Papa, 14" Large, 580 pesos- thick crust

Super Papa is their ultimate flavor- topped with pepperoni, ham, italian sausage, mushroom, onions, green peppers, and olives. even though the crust is thick, it is still super tasty! one slice can indeed make you crave for more! here is another close-up shot-

A perfect cheesy treat! 
Rating: 9/10

Second pizza is the Fisherman's Catch, 14" large, 555 pesos, thin crust

This is my personal favorite. Instead of using normal pizza sauce, it features a garlic sauce as a base. It is then topped with plump shrimps, calamari, green peppers, and onions. One super white pizza! Yummy!

The thin crust version of Papa John's is a nice option for people who are not fond of breads/crust. It is  cooked evenly without burning the edges. 
Rating: 9.5/10

The last pizza, is the Bacon Chicken Ranch, 14" Large,555 pesos, thick crust

From the name itself, it is topped with Bacon and Chicken spread with Ranch dressing. I also love this pizza and was able to eat 2 slices of it. The chewy thick crust is just right for this flavor. Here's another shot:

Rating: 9/10

Aside from pizza, they also offer several pasta dishes. Of course, they won't miss offering the famous Carbonara, 180 pesos, serves 2-3 people

Their rendition is good but just like any other carbonara. No special kick that makes it worth ordering again. Nonetheless, it is heavily topped with bacon and sauce which will make you like it.
Rating: 7/10

Next is Diablo Burst, 180 pesos
From the name itself, this pasta is quite spicy, topped with sausage, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and red peppers. If you love red sauce, then go for it.
Rating: 8/10

Last is the Meatball Bolognaise, 195 pesos

Even though I wasn't able to try this one, their meatball pasta  sure looks enticing, topped with big and juicy meatballs. Great for meat lovers out there! 

For drinks, we had Green Apple, Passion, and Pink Grapes Soda, 

These drinks tastes like a normal soda with a touch of flavor. It's refreshing and not too sweet which pairs well with the pizza and pasta.

Last, and my favorite part, is dessert time! I truly super love their Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream!

This dessert is lethally yummy! Aside from the very rich chocolate flavor, it also has a moist texture! The cross section is filled with chocolate! here's a shot- warning: deadly delicious

Actually, after tasting their chocolate cake, this now ranks as one of my favorite cakes. If you are curious, then better try it! You'll feel super happy after for sure!
Rating: 10/10

Aside from good food and ambiance, Papa John's truly provides great service. The crew are very friendly and ready to answer the inquiries about their menu. They are staffed  well, so you can call for help or assistance anytime you need it. 

That's our Papa John's date. Will i come back? definitely - YES. Papa John's was able to prove that it is a new pizza place which offers unique and delicious food for all. Here's our memorabilia picture! Again, thanks Openrice!

Captain Food

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Banoi's - Vietnamese Food experience

Last Friday, we tried Banoi's in Makati. I've been curious for a long time about their great food since a lot of people are raving about it. Luckily, Metrodeals offered a good deal of almost 50%,(set meal for 2, 500 pesos instead of 1000 for all of these dishes), and considered it as a sign to finally try out this famed place.

Banoi's is located in Perea street, near Greenbelt. It's a hole in the wall type of restaurant , Asian themed, with red and black accents in the place. Just the right place to have a comfy Friday night.

Our drink arrived first: i forgot the name, but it it has some sort of Aloe Vera flavor- it's refreshing (especially when super cold!)
So cool and refreshing!
Next - Fried Spring Rolls (Cha Gio), 190 pesos. This is our favorite dish of the night! Crunchy skin, and juicy meat inside! Roll it with lettuce, and dip in the special Vietnamese sauce (nuoc mam) and you'll surely feel how good it is!
Cha Gio, 190 pesos - mixture of ground pork, taro, shrimp, and black fungus wrapped and deep fried
I love the way how this dish was cooked- and a plus point is that it is not too oily. Actually, I'm thinking of doing a remake at home so wish me luck. Here is a closeup picture-
See that juicy meat, taro, and shrimp inside? Yummy
Rating: 9/10

Next, is of course the famous Pho Bo (homemade beef noodles with herbs and spices), 255 pesos
Freshly served Pho Bo. Healthy-eating mode ...
It comes with a plate of herbs and spices--lime, chili, and beansprouts. All you need to do is just squeeze the lemon in the noodles, pour some beansprouts and top it with chili to get the perfect noodle soup!

Lime, Sprouts, and chili! 
Here is a candid shot of me in action - 
I'm busy putting beansprouts in my Pho Bo
And after placing the herbs, here is the final picture. Tadaaannn....
Super love the chili on top! Adds the perfect kick!
I like healthy and herb-y foods, so I really appreciate Banoi's Pho Bo version. It has a clean defined soup, with al dente noodles. I put a lot of chili and it turned out well! The beef is tender, and fresh.  if you like asian flavors, I'm sure that you'll love it. It's not at par with Bawai's in tagaytay (which I was also able to taste in Soderno , Alabang food market).

Ratings: 9/10

Our last dish is Braised Chicken with Steamed Rice, 240 pesos-
Braised Chicken with the curry and lemongrass flavor
Their braised chicken has a curry and lemongrass flavor which adds the full strong flavor. We just felt that its quite oily and burned. Nonetheless, it still goes well with freshly steamed rice. (see picture below). I'm not a rice lover, but I super like their perfectly cooked white rice!

Rating: 7/10

Rice Rice Rice!!!
Overall, this Vietnamese food experience is worth it. For people who like healthy type of foods, you'll enjoy Banoi's. It'a simple place which offers authentic flavors in the heart of Metro. Try it!

Overall Rating: 8/10


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ultimate Taste Test 9.0 @ Soderno - July 29

Guys- The Ultimate Taste Test Series never ends. After several months, we again have another UTT 9.0! This time in Soderno, Alabang! Good thing for South people like me, finally it's nearer!

You'll get a taste of over 30+  Home-Based vendors in the south, for only 300 pesos. Hurry because they only have 500 slots for the event, so what are you waiting for? Join UTT 9.0 now!

Personally, I was able to try UTT 6.0, and it was indeed a fun experience- here's my blog about it. Do I recommend going? Of course-YES! For foodies, friends, and family, this is surely a nice way to bond and end a busy week. 

For more details, go to Our Awesome Planet's site :) See yah!

Captain Food

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zark's Burgers- Jawbreaker Day on July 7 and 15

This time, it's true! We have a Jawbreaker Day on July 7 and 15! This is only valid for Zark's Burgers, Taft. So friends, students, and everyone, hurry since this is on a first come first serve basis!

Imagine this is truly a big discount! From 250 pesos, it became 150 pesos! Super duper great right?  For those who are not familiar with Zark's- they are well known for their BIG (when I say big, i mean BIG), and tasty burgers. A lot of my friends recommend this as a place to hangout if you want to be pig-out and be full.

So what are you waiting for? Personally, I'm also planning to go here (hopefully I can also bring my friends with me) see you!

**In behalf of Captainfood, sorry for unintentionally posting an incorrect poster last week. I ensure that this won't happen next time. :) Enjoy Zark's Burgers!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tous Le Jours - Korean breads

Tous Le Jours is a newly opened bakeshop in Alabang Town Center. Because of the long lines, and cool-looking physical design of the place, we decided to give it a try.

The store has several breads with an Asian twist and look. Of course, as a first-timer, I immediately asked for their bestsellers, and tried them all.

Here's the Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese, ~48 pesos.

Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese, 48 pesos

First impression with this bread is unique. It looks like a slightly fried siopao. Even though it looks simple, it tastes good! The bread is soft, and the filling is light -not too sweet, and not too creamy. It is final-touched by the toasted black sesame seeds which gives an Asian kick. A good pair for an afternoon tea or coffee. This is the personal favorite of my sister.

Ratings: 8/10

Second is Custard Pie , 38 pesos (will update the bread name soon )
Custard Pie, 38 pesos
When we saw the title, we immediately placed it in our trays, since my sister and I are a big fan of custard. However, my high expectations are not quite met. It is not full with custard (but the custard as you can see is enough already to empower the bread), and the pastry is not super flaky. Given the price , the quality is fairly ok.

Ratings: 6.5/10

Last, is the Cream Cheese Pastry, 68 pesos
Cream Cheese pastry, 68 pesos, one of their bestsellers
The most expensive in our list, which also ranks as my favorite. it is overflowing with cream cheese. The pastry is not that flaky but soft. At first I expected that it be salty, but no- it is quite sweet. Nonetheless, you can definitely enjoy this for an afternoon or midnight snack.

Ratings: 8/10

Overall, Tous Le Jours seems like a Korean fashion bakeshop for me. The place is beautifully designed-cozy and cute. All of the breads look enticing and yummy. Staff and service is definitely ok. Lastly, the breads taste good- i recommend this for people with sweet tooth. (My personal expectations are not quite met since I love salty food and breads, but my sister super love their breads already, It's just a case to case basis.)

here's a shot of me and my breads!
Me with Tours Le Jours breads! Yummy!

Tours Le Jours Branches: SM Southmall, SM The Block, SM Southmall, Alabang Town Center