Sunday, June 3, 2012

Slice - sandwiches and sweets @ BGC

My friends and I love eating- that's a fact. So one Friday lunch out,  we tried the famous store of Pia Cayetano in Bonifacio Global City - SLICE.

Slice, Bonifacio Global City, beside Jamba Juice

Their menu is comprised of various comfort foods-sandwiches, pasta, and sweets. What distinguishes this store from the other places I've tried is their quality taste, and simple yet comfy ambiance.

First on the list is the Tuna Melt Panini, 150 pesos
Tuna Melt Panini, 150 pesos- see the tuna overload? 
 This is my default order wherever I go for 2 reasons- a.) to be safe, since I'm a tuna and cheese lover, and b.) health-wise, this is a good option.

Their tuna melt for me is just normal. Yes, it is cheesy and full of tuna! Plus, it has lots of vegetables! I just can't find the "X-factor". Also, 150 pesos is quite high, considering that it is nearly the same with the other paninis that I've tried. Nonetheless, this is still a good, healthy choice for lunch or afternoon merienda.

Ratings: 3.5/5

My friend ordered Duo Formaggi con Pesto, 150 pesos
Duo Formaggi con Pesto, 150 pesos. H-E-A-V-E-N
 This is heaven! Just by looking in the picture, you can see how cheesy it is right?  Try it ! Yummy! One of the best panini in my list so far...

Ratings: 5/5

We also tried their Mac and Cheese, ~150 pesos
Mac n' Cheese. Cheese..Cheese...Cheese!!!!
I seldom find places with good Mac n' cheese. Most renditions are either too milky, or too cheesy. But this version, is good! It has the right balance of milk, sweetness, and cheese! My only advice is don't eat it alone because you might get used with the taste. 1 order is good for sharing of 2-3 people, and just order panini or salad as a side.

Ratings: 4/5

Here are the pictures of their other products-

Quiche with side salad, ~200 pesos

The side salad, 

Cupcakes! Sweets, Sweets, Sweets! Lovely!

I've never tried their cupcakes yet, (maybe after my healthy-living diet), but they are surely eye-candies saying "Hello! try me, I'm yummy! ". 

Overall, Slice is a good place, but not awesome. Their food is delicious, the service is ok. Just try to visit the stores on the right time, or preferably call before going to ensure that they have stocks, since their bestsellers are usually sold out. Visit it with your friends, the ambiance is cool, and just right for a perfect catch-up!

Here's a picture of us- Smiles @ Slice!

SliceBonifacio High Street Central

G/F, West Superblock, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave cor 29th St
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 565-1998



  1. My fave is the brown arrozcaldo and champorado with belgian choco :) try their choco yema and chocnut cupcakes!

  2. I'm really really curious with the brown arrozcaldo, so I 'll try it next time. The Belgian choco , choco yema will be part of my next post about Slice so watch out for it


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