Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parvati - Custaroons + other heavenly desserts!

Cakes, pastries, and sweets really comfort us. It makes each moment sweeter...and better right? last June 12, since it is a holiday, we finally got a chance to visit  Parvati in Trinoma and have a taste again (2nd time) of the super famous, heavenly custaroons.

Parvati , Mindanao Lobby, Trinoma mall
Parvati gathered all of the bestsellers of homebakers and placed them in their store, making it a one-stop shop for all occasions! It is quite small; yet it looks very classy, casual, and is full of people! Inside you'll find several refrigerators containing their famous products. I ordered Custaroon Poppers (which I've long been craving for), 275 pesos, for 25 pcs.

Custaroon poppers, 275 pesos, 30 pcs
Very pretty packaging right? Perfect as a gift! If you are wondering what's inside, then let's open it...

Custaroons! Custard + Macaroons wrapped in cocoa!Yummy!
25 custaroon poppers will make your heart jump of excitement! The moment I saw this, I felt super duper happy :) Here are some close-up pictures..

After biting, here's a shot.

Custaroon poppers is a majestic creation of Gigi Gaerlan. The word came from the combination of custard + macaroons = custaroons.  It also has a very cheesy and creamy taste, which will make you smile. The custaroon itself is smooth in texture, and is preferred to be eaten chilled to enjoy its flavor without the cocoa melting onto your hands.

Heaven! Super love 'em!
The moment you eat these bite-sized sweets, you'll surely feel a shiver of yumminess. Just make sure to share it with your friends since too much will make you get used to the taste. The picture itself is deadly-delicious, so try it for yourself! Parvati is located in Trinoma mall, near Conti's, so make sure to drop by when you go there.

RATINGS: 9.5/10

Will I come back? definitely yes! I have to try everything in their menu like a.) Triple Decker Cheesecake, b.) Frozen brazo, c.)Pistacho Sansrival, etc. Join me in my foodtrip next time and let's try all of their products!


Mindanao Lobby, Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 901-1428


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