Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bunker Bob's Subic -One Cool Military Base

Few weeks ago- we decided to take a roadtrip around Subic and try this weird yet fun-looking restaurant.  From afar, it is like  Bohol's Chocolate Hills

Bunker Bob's under the bright sun

Here's a close-up,
The kitchen- hill

The place is named Bunker Bob's- named after Bob who took care of the bunkers during war. It used to be a storage place of ammunitions before. Now, they transformed it to an Italian bar and restaurant in Subic Freeport Zone.

Jon striking a pose with the Bunker Bob's logo
The moment you go inside this hill restaurant, you will have that "Oh-So-Cool" and "Chill" feeling. The place is decorated with various military items- from empty jet fuel cans, camouflage nets, Subic map during war, and old-school pictures.

Drums, Billiards table, and empty ammunition boxes

The whole place in an eyeview- tables with camouflage mats, billiard table where you can play, and various pictures of soldiers in war.

The camouflage net and table mats really adds the "soldier" feeling
As for the food- since we just had our lunch- we decided to order a light snack-one of their specialties- Bunker Bob's Pizza, 350 pesos, 8 slices

Fully loaded with toppings!
From the picture- you can definitely say that this looks like a salad right? Oh well, it s really fully loaded with toppings- ham, sausage, anchovies, mozzarella, parmigiano cheese, zucchini, tomato, black olives, bellpepper, eggplant,onion, and basil. Ohh! With this long list of veggies- you'll surely get the fiber you need! Here's a close-up

Yum Yum Yum! Can't wait to grab a slice!
For the verdict- this is one of the best pizza we've ever tasted. It has a thin hand tossed baked crust. It has the right balance of flavors- not super cheesy- but managed to give that cheesy taste. The vegetables blended together to give your taste buds, one Italian experience.  

The ingredients are also fresh, so you can still feel the crunchiness in every bite. if you are really curious about it- better try it out! Considering that we are still full from lunch when we ordered this, we are still able to clean our plates- one proof that this is definitely a great pizza!

Ratings: 9.5 /10 

Are we going back? Definitely yes. Bunker Bob's offers a lot more- and I'm pretty sure they're as good as this pizza.  Thanks to Chef Paolo (head of kitchen) who cooks this good food!

It is just a short drive from Camayan Beach, and Ocean Adventure. On your way there, you might encounter some monkeys crossing the road! Don't forget to say Hi! :)
Monkeys! Hello!

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