Monday, April 9, 2012

Marsha's Delicacies - I love Ilocos!

For Holy Week 2012, we have decided to explore the North-  for a Vigan and Pagudpud tour! of course, this trip will not be complete without tasting the famous Marsha's delicacies.

The store is big, clean, and delicious (yes! because, it's  full of food). Here's a shot of the counter-

We ordered almost everything out of pure interest (and slight hunger ). Here is the list:

1.) Ube Macapuno, 80 pesos

This ube rendition has a strong flavor that is creamy and smooth- like the ones being sold in Goldilocks. I love it, and its not your usual ube- so definitely, worth the calories. The macapuno on the other hand is more of an added decoration, but is delicious as well. Ratings: 4.8/5

2.) Bibingka Royale, 175 pesos

The famous Ilocos Bibingka, was able to satisfy my longing tastebuds. It has a tikoy-like consistency (slightly softer, and smoother), and has a reach coconut creamy taste. This royale version has more cheese compared to the normal -making it better. The 25-peso difference proves to be super worth it. In the future, I'll definitely order more of this! Yummy! Ratings: 5/5

3.) Brownies, 90 pesos, half

The picture looks enticing right? The brownie for me is normal. I though it has a moist cake, but its just like the usual chocolate brownie in local bakeshops. The chocolate icing is good, but I'm wishing for more icing. For the price, your 90 pesos is already worth it. Ratings: 3.3/5

4.) Pudding, 75 pesos half

I'm quite surprised that Puddings are actually famous here in Vigan. Marsha's version is good- not too sweet, smooth, and partly creamy- enough to be a light snack on the road. In the future, i think it can become better by adding cheese and more milk.  for 75 pesos, it is a decent pasalubong for a friend :) Ratings: 3.6/5

5.) Leche Flan, 80 pesos

This leche flan looks smooth on the outside right? - yes it's smooth, but not really due to pure eggyolks but due to added cornstarch. It has a gelatin-like texture. As for the sweetness, it is perfect for a dessert! I can sip the syrup after eating the whole flan. Ratings: 3.6/5

6.) Cassava Cake, ~ 150 pesos, whole

Marsha's Cassava Cake is thin, creamy,and moist! Though it may look super sweet on the outside, it's definitely not. It has the right amount of sweetness. One thing that may be lacking is probably cheese, but you can make up for that by grating cheese on top once you get home. A great merienda ! The price, 150 pesos for a whole is reasonable since most of the cassava cake stores here in Manila, sells approximately 100 pesos for half. Ratings: 3.7/5

7.) Bibingka Ilocos, ~150 pesos, 1 whole box, 15 pcs.

This is the normal version I'm talking about earlier. The bibingka itself is just the same- coconut creamy tikoy like goodness, the only difference is it has lesser cheese. If you are after how to eat it, ensuring that you have poise, and planning to eat it while on trip, then go for this one, since its easier to eat (due to individualized packaging). Yummy yummy yummy! Ratings: 4.8/5 (due to lack of cheese)

That's all for Marsha's! Hopefully, they can have a branch near Cavite or Makati so I can try Bibingkang Ilocos every now and then. for those who will have a trip to Vigan in the future, you will pass by Marsha's before reaching Vigan district, about 10 minutes before reaching the city. The place has a mini coffee shop so you can also chill for a moment and talk with your friends  after a super long roadtrip.



  1. Wow! Im a sucker for pinoy delicacies!

  2. pink cookies- you'll surely enjoy visiting Marsha's delicacies. They have other products aside from the ones I featured.

  3. Is there a Marsha's branch in Manila or around Cavite? Thank you :)

  4. looks delicious! im feeling craving for everything..


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