Sunday, March 4, 2012

Soderno - midnight food trips in the South

Who says South people cannot have a midnight food trip? of course, we can have too--through SODERNO!

On the outside, it looks like a smaller version of NBC tent in Taguig. When you go inside, it has 2 parts - a.)  Mini Bazaar- where most of the dessert stores are placed, plus other cool shopping booths selling shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories. This portion is airconditioned, and has several seats where you can eat. It's good they have this comfortable place especially for the "not-so-cowboy" types of people. b.) Food Market- where most of the food stalls are placed. This one is open air, well ventilated, and well spaced. As for the number of stores, Soderno has still a lot to catch up with the Mercato standard, but then it's still worth a try since it's super near the South district (in front of Alabang Town Center and Ayala Alabang Village).

Here are the foods we ordered:

We decided to try Bawai's Deli- which features Vietnamese Cuisine- for a healthy option.
Bawai's deli- it's main branch is in Tagaytay-they have a huge and gorgeous place there so better visit it :)
Fresh Spring Rolls for 150 pesos-
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls- fresh noodles, rice, vegetables, shrimp wrapped in rice paper
and comes with a special sauce, 150 pesos
It's my second time to try these Vietnamese spring rolls- and overall-  l love them- it's just that I'm searching for a more tasteful version (filled with peanut sauce?-but they ran out of stocks when we ordered). Nevertheless, the ingredients are fresh *shrimps look lovely*, and light which is very suitable for weight watchers out there .
We also tried the Fried Spring Vietnamese Rolls, 150 pesos
Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls- composed of vegetables, fish, and pork,
 covered in lumpia wrapper and fried to perfection, 150 pesos
This is cool! At first, you'll think that it's just like the normal Filipino Shanghai- but then it's not. It's main ingredients are vegetables! Yummy- healthy version right? As for the dip, it comes with a "unique blend of fish-sauce ". Overall-- delicious and crunchy!

Lastly, we tried their Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, 180 pesos
I'm a great fan of  Beef Noodle Soups- and I love how rich Bawai's version of broth is- without the "sebo" or fatty like feeling. It also has herb traces, which is oh-so-good to smell and makes you feel vibrant in the middle of the night.  The beef is thinly sliced, tender, and not fatty.

Oh- we got a Free Vietnamese Sapin-Sapin!

For dessert, my sister tried the creations of Wicked Bites 
Wicked Bites- one simple but sweet stall in Soderno selling Fried Oreos and Chocolates
Fried Oreos- 40 pesos for 3 pcs

Their version is soft, creamy, crunchy on the outside, but chewy inside. It has just the right sweetness and carefully prepared. 

Fried Chocolates - 35 pesos, 3pcs
Fried Chocolates, 35 pesos, 3 pcs.
By chocolate- they literally used mini Snickers, Butterfinger, and the like. Yummy right? An opportunity area probably for this team is more skill in frying- I've seen them frying carefully, but the batter just seems to break free-- after all Practice Makes Perfect! For the taste, Wicked Bited has earned their star already :)

Other foods to try out in Soderno - hungrify yourselves with the pictures!
Cheesy Pasta!
Cebu Lechon!

Bottled ice cold Juices!
Roast Beef!
Inihaw and Fried Snacks!
What are you waiting for? Try Soderno now! here's a souvenir photo with my Dad and Sister
My Dad and Sister enjoying Bawai's Deli + Bottled Juices