Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wingman - The Ultimate Wing Experience!

Who loves spicy foods? Raise your right hand--- (me raising both hands).

Well- visit Wingman! I've first tried this place with my friends. Unfortunately I wasn't able to document that moment, so I went back now bringing my mom and dad.
@ Wingman, The Collective Makati- near Caltex Pasong Tamo

We ordered 1 dozen of wings ( half-lemon pepper, and half-garlic parmesan), 330 pesos
1 dozen wings. The carrot side is healthy and yummy! <3

The wings are served hot. I love the Lemon pepper variety(left side). It has that lemon-juicy flavor, that has a pepper kick in the end. Not spicy though. What I did to make it spicy is to drizzle Tabasco sauce all over it. On the other hand, the Garlic parmesan(right side)-for me is over flavored and oily. There's too much flavor of garlic, that I'm almost not tasting the chicken meat.

I was also able to try the Buffalo Wings- Pinaka flavor (meaning--pinaka-spicy). Forgot to take a picture, but just imagine chicken wings topped with chili seeds just like how you sprinkle meat with sesame seeds. From the name itself, the moment you have your first bite, surely, you will have 2-3- or even more glasses of water needed just to remove the hot and spicy flavor in your mouth. My lips became fiery red after eating them. In the end- I still liked it! I super love how authentic the spicy flavor is. 

Lemon pepper-4/5
Garlic Parmesan-3/5
Buffalo-Pinaka- 5/5 **fiery hot!

Here is a shot of the other chicken wings flavors they are offering: Curious? try them all!

Our second order is the Quesadilla (210 pesos)
Quesadilla-fully loaded with cheese and topped with sour cream!

This is made of crispy tortillas loaded with 3 cheeses, tomato, and pomodoro sauce. It is topped with sour cream. It is super cheesy! Good, but not the best i've ever tried (I still  prefer Army Navy version).


Of course, a meal will not be complete without Fries! 130 pesos(regular, + garlic parmesan flavor, 20 pesos)
Garlic parmesan fries , 150 pesos

For me the fries is quite oily- but then, it pairs well with the chicken. 
Ratings: 3/5

Try Wingman and taste it for yourself! They are open up to 3 am every Thursdays and Fridays. Here's the munchpunch link>> click here

WingmanThe Collective

The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 478-6770


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