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Relish - feel good dinner with friends

Makati is a haven of restaurants. I know I have tried a few, but there's a lot more to discover. Now, let me share to you another place that I'm impressed for both the food, and ambiance.

Relish is located in Valero Street, Makati. 
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The place has a classy + comfy setup.  Though it's quite small, you can still manage to sit and talk with each other. The whole "Relish" experience is spiced up by the personal performance of the owner (I guess?). He sings, plays instruments (plus chimes!)- lovely right?

the owner (I guess), playing beautful music.
I personally liked his " Pasko Na Sinta Ko" rendition. The slang Tagalog performance, plus feel good music with chimes totally made our night Christmas-y. :)

Now, let's go to the food! For appetizers -they are offering several dips and salads. We ordered Chicken Liver Pate, 220 pesos
Bold flavor of liver plus crunchy bread chops.

It's my first time to try Liver Pate- and what can i say? it tastes like liver. The meat is finely mashed, and you can have 1-2 dip for appetizer. Good but it's not really my type.

Second is the Amazing Artichoke Dip, 260 pesos
Creamy and cheesy!
Artichoke Dips are always my favorite since they usually come with loads of cheese. This one never disappoints as well.  The cheese is blended well with cream and the artichokes are not finely chopped to add texture --My favorite in the appetizers that we ordered. However, i still like Cibo's Spinach and Artichoke dip better.

Our last appetizer is the Hummus with Pita Bread, 175 pesos
Hummus = Garbanzos!
I love this version of Hummus. Light, but still tasty. the Pita bread is also served hot, so it pairs well with the hot dip. 

As for the main dish, we opted for Pasta with Creamy Garlic Sauce, 260 pesos
Simply like a carbonara
This is like a normal Carbonara- that is slightly overpowered by the taste of mushrooms.  Considering the price VS the taste, it is pretty reasonable. 

We also ordered Chorizo with Tomato Cream Sauce, 290 pesos
Favorite Pasta dish in Relish!
It's my first time to try this recipe, and I absolutely loved it. I really cannot taste the strong flavor of chorizo - a proof that it was able to blend well with the tomato cream sauce. A serving will make you wanting for more. Good thing we have several orders, or else my attention will be focused on cleaning this dish.

For the meat, we tried one of the House Specialties- Relish Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Lemon, and Oregano, 370 pesos
Meat flavor at its finest!
Great shot right? Not just that, but the taste itself is perfect. The chicken meat up to the insides are perfectly marinated. It is juicy and tasty. If you love chicken, try this! Best so far from all the roasted chicken recipes that I've tried. pair it up with the mashed potato- and super yummy! If you are on a diet--forget about it first :D

Now, here's the Hickory Smoked Barbeque Pork Belly, 390 pesos
Juicy, soft, and tasty! and oh,i fell in love with the mashed potato
Another Mashed potato + Pork Belly combo--and it's perfect again! The meat is soft (with the fall from the bones characteristic like Racks). As for the flavor- it's a combination of sour, sweet, and salty taste. As a confession, I can surely consume this whole serving if I'm on a normal lunch pigout mode. Try it out!

After diving onto chicken and pork, let's explore the fish section! 
We ordered Baked Salmon, 440 pesos

Salmon, healthy, golden, and -pink! Love love love it
It is paired with Salad drizzled with  dressing. From the looks of it, you can see the pinkish-golden brown color, that looks so appetizing right? The fish is cooked evenly, while still retaining a juicy feeling. Simply- heaven. :) here's a closeup picture of the Salmon

After the monster delicious meals, we ended the night with a light and cute dessert- marshmallows and fruits with chocolate dip!
Chocolate dip + marshmallows + fruits = Cute dessert!
A perfect night- super yummy food, relaxing music, and great laughs with friends. I'll definitely be going back here. Thumbs up relish team! here are some pictures of us with HUGE smiles :D
From left to right: Jake, Marianne, Marjay, Jarrell, Shobie, Kriska, Jane

From left to right: Kriska, Reggie, Mark, Jarrell, Shobie, Jane, Candy, Cristine

That's it - our Relish experience! Go visit and try it for yourself! For the menu >>> click here

RelishSalcedo Village

G/F Ponte Salcedo Bldg., Valero St., Salcedo Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 519-3543



  1. Wow! Everything looks delicious! I don't normally go to Makati, but this one seems like a good reason to. :)

  2. hi yedy!- yep- Relish is worth the effort :)


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