Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cibo - healthy + classy place

Last Friday- due to our healthy living pledge, we ate at Cibo-Glorietta.

The place is indeed classy and comfy. The whole menu is really tempting. Pasta, pizza, salad, soup--all the delicious ones with a healthy twist. Great right?

We decided to settle for salad and bread. For salad- we ordered Insalata di mare (regular, 308 pesos).
Half serving(my share) of the regular plate (308 pesos). Fresh ingredients :)

The English equivalent of Insalata di Mare is Seafood Salad. In this photo you cannot see the seafood, but it has enough serving of steamed shrimp and squid with pesto garlic flavor. It has mixed greens and alfalfa roots as well. 

It is delicious. The olive oil dressing (+ other unknown spices) makes it perfect. Just the right amount flavors bursting in to your mouth all together. A health buff will surely like this! Yum yum!

Ratings: 5/5

The second item that we ordered is the Bruschette Pomodoro Classico - Rustic crusty bread, grilled, Garlic, etra -virgin olive oil topped with fresh tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan, and basil. I forgot to take a picture of the dish, but here's a shot of the food with my friend Danette.
Danette with her Bruschette Pomodoro Classico (170)---exciting!

The Bruschette is great as well. From the presentation up to its taste- oh perfect! Just to share with you, this is one of my favorite snacks and I usually create my own whenever I have a supply of fresh tomatoes. This dish will be incomplete without you pouring over the extra virgin olive oil + garlic.

Ratings: 5/5

There. That ends our Cibo experience? Will I go back? definitely-i'll bring my family next time. Just one comment-- the foods are priced highly so better prepare (financially) before you indulge into Cibo goodness.  I'll make this as a healthy treat to myself while trying to find the right way to being fit :)



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