Monday, January 23, 2012

Salcedo Market -fresh and bright morning food trips

If you are tired of the usual midnight foodtrips (especially for the health buffs ), then better try out Salcedo Market (@ Salcedo Park, Makati,walking distance from Ayala Triangle). This park/ food market is a great hangout after a morning jog with friends.

Last Saturday, me together with mom & dad tried it out, after running around Makati. result? super foody morning! here are some pictures>>

If you know Kiat-Kiat (mini version of Ponkan), they are selling Kiat Kiat trees! Adorable sight <3. If I just have enough space in our house, I'll surely buy one of this. (forgive me, there is an error and the picture is auto-rotating).

there are also lovely cakes and pies!

exotic foods....

seafoods (lobsters! <3)

Me and my sister's favorite--- Marla's Muncheez!

and of course, my food adventure for the day- i tried out some indian food-

 The Paneer, is not as cheesy as I expected (price is 150 pesos). The surprise for me is actually the indian breads- Chapati for 50 pesos (4 pcs). If you go to a restaurant this is prices ~80 pesos per piece.

For now, I cannot give detailed reviews per store yet, but definitely, I'm going back here (probably weekly?)
overall, the place is clean, windy, and full of trees- a relaxing place + unique foods- so try it out with your friends and have a great Saturday Morning.  (since it is only available on Saturdays, 7am-3pm).



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