Monday, January 23, 2012

Salcedo Market -fresh and bright morning food trips

If you are tired of the usual midnight foodtrips (especially for the health buffs ), then better try out Salcedo Market (@ Salcedo Park, Makati,walking distance from Ayala Triangle). This park/ food market is a great hangout after a morning jog with friends.

Last Saturday, me together with mom & dad tried it out, after running around Makati. result? super foody morning! here are some pictures>>

If you know Kiat-Kiat (mini version of Ponkan), they are selling Kiat Kiat trees! Adorable sight <3. If I just have enough space in our house, I'll surely buy one of this. (forgive me, there is an error and the picture is auto-rotating).

there are also lovely cakes and pies!

exotic foods....

seafoods (lobsters! <3)

Me and my sister's favorite--- Marla's Muncheez!

and of course, my food adventure for the day- i tried out some indian food-

 The Paneer, is not as cheesy as I expected (price is 150 pesos). The surprise for me is actually the indian breads- Chapati for 50 pesos (4 pcs). If you go to a restaurant this is prices ~80 pesos per piece.

For now, I cannot give detailed reviews per store yet, but definitely, I'm going back here (probably weekly?)
overall, the place is clean, windy, and full of trees- a relaxing place + unique foods- so try it out with your friends and have a great Saturday Morning.  (since it is only available on Saturdays, 7am-3pm).


Top Dish Korean Restaurant + Wang Mart Grocery = Korean day!

I love Korean Food. Why? because it's spicy, flavorful, and delicious. there's something in their dishes that makes me want for more.

Makati is full of Korean places  ( plus the fact that it's super near in our office). Top Dish is one of them - a hole in the wall  near Jupiter.

Once you step into the dining place, you'll have an "Oh, finally home" feeling. The owner of the store is sitting right inside the restaurant usually watching Kpop concerts and drama. He is very kind, and always ready to recommend the best dish for you. I've tried this place 3 times already, with friends, and with my dad.

Of course, one of my favorite parts in eating at a Korean restaurant is their FREE appetizers! Yummy!
FREE appetizers! Kimchi Love!
I cannot name all of these items-but we were able to eat everything. My top 3 are a.) Kimchi--not so spicy, fresh ingredients; b.) Sweetened Peanuts-first time to try this appetizer. It's semicrunchy on the outside and soft on the inside + not too sweet glaze c.) Pickled Radish-simple and spicy. If you love spicy taste (like me), I recommend adding the korean red hot sauce in your dishes.

One of the surprises here is the steamed cabbage (top right corner of the picture). One of my friends find this seemingly delicious amidst its simplicity- upon trying, he seems to be accurate. Well, try it for yourself :)

here's a close up of my top2 favorite-sweetened steamed peanuts!
Sweetened steamed peanuts. I wonder where I can buy a pack of this?

Here are all of the dishes we've tried.

Beef Bulgogi (~250 pesos).  (1st visit)
Beef Bulgogi, ~280 pesos. A version full of veggies
Not your ordinary Bulgogi placed on a round grilling pan. This one is one a sizzling plate and topped with lots of veggies. Nevertheless, it's still tasty, meaty (good thing it is not full of fats and tendons). The taste is primarily dominated by sesame oil flavor, and is a good partner for steamed hot rice! 

Ratings: 7.5/10

Chicken Bbq (~280 pesos) (1st, 2nd, 3rd visit)
Chicken Bbq + sticky rice rolls~280 pesos

Chicken Bbq is always a Korean favorite. Not super salty that will make you want for rice, and not super spicy as well. Just the right mix of flavor. It is also dominated with the sesame oil goodness (and sesame seeds!). The white cylindrical things in the picture are sticky rice rolls. It's my first time to try them, and they are...sticky. Not really my type. overall, the dish is great! -meat is fresh, sauce is authentic korean bbq in taste, and quantity is enough for 4 people! 

Ratings: 9/10

 Korean Pork seasoned dish ~280 pesos (1st visit)
Seasoned Spicy Pork, ~280 pesos
This order was recommended by the store owner himself. We're kind of confused on what to have- good thing that he approached us, and told us about this bestseller. Pork + veggies in an awesome spicy sauce. my friend told us that it tastes like one dish he usually orders in an Italian restaurant. If you are curious, better try it for yourself! 

Ratings: 9/10

Korean Pansit (Chapchae) ~250 pesos (1st visit)

Chapchae ~250 pesos
The ever so famous Chapchae!  Just like the usual pansit, it is loaded with veggies.  What I love about this rendition is that it doesn't end up sticky. It has enough sesame oil and flavor to be the right partner of the meat dishes,. Long Life for us!


Korean Pork Spareribs ~250 pesos (3rd visit)

Their rendition of Pork Spareribs is mildly spicy only. nevertheless, it is full of meat so you can surely pair it with their steamed rice. There are lots of Sesame seeds and Sesame oil, so you can savor the aroma and enjoy the taste! Yummy!


We are definitely going back here! Next food targets are:
a.) Samgyeopsal (Grilled pork wrapped in lettuce leaves)
b.) Dak Dori Tang

I almost forgot to say that after having our dinner(1st visit with officemates), we decided to visit a nearby korean grocery (Wang Mart), and we enjoyed their ice cream! (price range 20-40 pesos)
Korean Ice Cream! I love the Fish ice cream (36 pesos) bottom right)

Watch our for my next post about it! JOIN US in our next food trip and feel the Korean spirit! Feel free to inform us (especially the food enthusiasts out there).

For Top Dish, what I recommend is for you to try it out in a group ( 4 or more). You can taste more food if you are in a group rather than ordering a single dish and thinking twice about the taste of other items in the menu. 

Directions on how to go to Top Dish: At Jupiter street, turn left on the street after Mang Inasal (in front of Mcdo), and walk straight. Once you see Beer Paradise, turn left, and walk . you can see a black and white label of Top Dish and there you go :)