Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sisig OK! - CBGF Post #1 (Cheap But Good Food)

Introducing to you my CBGF series
-a series of posts featuring cheap but great food finds around Manila and nearby places.

Good food can be found anywhere, and price doesn't dictate its taste. So let me share with you one of the best Sisig I've ever tried...thanks to my friend Sir Amboy for introducing it to us..

Sisig Ok! is a mini store near Mcdonalds (morayta ..i think?). A lot of people (especially students) love to eat here because of cheap price and tasteful sisig.

I ordered Chicken Sisig with rice (50 pesos). They also have Pork Sisig (50 pesos), and Tuna Sisig (50 pesos).
Chicken Sisig, 50 pesos ---feeling hungry eh? extra rice please...

Let me enumerate with you the points that I love about this version:

a.) Perfect Lunch. it goes well with rice because it is really really tasteful. Personally, I love it being seasoned with chili soy sauce. Yum!
b.) Less fat. Their chicken variety is a healthy choice if you feel guilty about the fatty pork liempo.
c.) Cheap. Your 50 pesos will definitely make your stomach full and tastebuds satisfied--leaving you craving for more.

Ohhh..and now I'm feeling hungry. Please give me one now? 
Wait for the pork and tuna sisig review. The next time I get the chance to try it out, I'll post my judgement with some pictures. 

Watch out for more CAPTAIN FOOD escapades with a LESSER price this 2012! Good food for all! Cheers!

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