Saturday, December 31, 2011

Manang's Chicken - Pinoy version of Bon Chon!

Bon Chon is one of my favorite chicken-it is delicious and super flavorful! So when I've heard about Manang's Chicken, I got curious, and immediately ordered 2 pcs for lunch.

Manang's Chicken,2 pcs, extra spicy with rice (136 pesos)
I'm super excited to open this!

the chicken is big and looks appetizing!

Here's a closeup-
Mouthwatering chicken!

So for the verdict-is it really comparable with Bon Chon?

Answer: Yes. Above average comparison (out of 100% approximately, 88% compatibility)

Let me list down the reasons.

a.) Skin/Crust - Bon Chon has a slightly sweeter taste than extra spicy version of Manang's (possible because I ordered the spicy variety.) For spicy food lovers, I'd recommend Manang's since it will really satisfy the desire of your taste buds. On a crunchiness level, both are good.

b.) Fillet- Bon Chon has a more flavorful fillet for me. This doesn't mean that Manang's is not tasty- it is as well, but on a matter of level, with 5 as the highest, Bon Chon= 5, Manang's=4

c.) Price- Both stores have nearly same price of ~ 100, so almost equal.

Oh well. You can catch Manang's Chicken crew in the famous food markets of Mercato, Soderno, and Distrito. You can also avail of their delivery service (which I did). Just call (02) 921-5907, (02) 584-8848, (0922) 842-7759. or refer to this site for more info------>>> click here

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