Friday, December 30, 2011

Domino's Pizza -pizza + lava cake

Pizza is always a crowd-favorite. it is a comfort food that everyone loves! Personally, I'm a big fan.

Since I'm tired of the usuals ( Greenwich, Yellowcab, Pizzahut, ), we decided to try Domino's Pizza! We ordered Hawaiian, thin crust, 7 inches for 299 pesos.

Guess what's in the box? (kudos to the great packaging-contrasting + festive colors)

Open the box!

and finally, here's the pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza, 7", 299 cheese :(

Honestly, the moment i saw this, I got disappointed. Why is it that there's no cheese? Cheese is the heart of a pizza. So I've talked with the staff, a told me that it is really how they make their pizza. 

So as not to put 300-peso worth of food into nothing, we still ate it. The crust is simply like a toasted bread. Overall, add the taste of sauce and toppings, it is not good. Sad, but true. Nevertheless, I'll still be giving Domino's a chance-one of these days I'm planning to try their Cheese Mania of Doubledecker 9to ensure, that the flavor I'll order has a cheese).

For dessert, we ordered their Lava Cake, 49 pesos
yummy lolove-LAVA cake
Fortunately, this made us happy. For a low price, the quality and taste of their lava cake is really good (comparable to Cyma's). It is semi-sweet and really moist (look the picture as a proof).

So this ends our Domino experience. Quite sad-but of course as I said, everybody deserves a second chance. Domino's pizza is really famous, but maybe not as good as it was before..



  1. the pizza doesnt look that appetizing :(

  2. yup. i dont't like the pizza as well.bad news for domino's. I think their other flavors has a more appetizing look.

  3. since when was cheese not part of a pizza??? this is the biggest pizza crime ever.

  4. agree. just imagine how sad i felt the moment i opened the cheesy goodness :(


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