Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DISTRITO Makati - Holiday midnight foodtrip

It is the age of midnight market. Go to Taguig and there you'll find Midnight Mercato. Drive to Alabang, and Soderno will welcome you. Finally, walk through the busy streets of Makati, and eat @ Distrito.

I've tried the three places. Now, let me put into focus Distrito Makati! you can also wait for my entries about Mercato and Soderno.

The stores are pretty much the same for all. The primary difference is the ambiance + number of participating stores. here are some pictures...enjoy and be hungry--fied!

YummyCheesy potatoes from Mad About Spuds (with bacon bits + drizzled with cheese)! (50 pesos/ cup)

Potatoes! my ultimate weakness!

Tapa that looks good...(with unique varieties)

Tapa -Tapat, Orig, and Tuna varieties.

Who can't resist crunchy pork skin?

crunch crunch crunch!....sinful treat!

Of course, the famous Vigan empanada (i really really love this! ) 
Vigan empanada- native is the best! Love this! 5 stars :)
Mac's Deli-Vigan empanada is a perfect snack. Crunchy on the outside-then, as you take your first bite, you can feel  the burst of simple but unique flavors blended well. Add the fact that it is healthy and truly Filipino.Thumbs up! 5 stars for you!

the Authentic "manang" creates it for everyone
Cool! :)
Paella----classic food with a twist! looks tasty !

toppings + flavorful looks!
the famous burgers ( i love the cheese-filled type)! see the flame? 

Sizzling hot!
finally...sweets!...who wants some brownies!
chocolate-yyy goodness!

another shot-looks like creamy white chocolate cheesecake!

creamy white chocolate!

here is our personal favorite... Roti! (ham and cheese flavor.)
Super love roti! this type has tons of cheese and ham!fully loaded*
Papa Roti's version adds several varieties, which makes it more enticing to buyers. This ham and cheese rendition is really really good. Why? here's the formula

CRUNCHY outside roti +  
CHEWY texture + 
JUST the right flavor of roti + 
LOADS of ham & cheese = 

Do you wonder how they make it ? here's a shot in action!
Ate in action, creating Roti.
So what are you waiting for? Visit Distrito now! Hopefully, they will still extend this after New year... 

Important Note:
You still have 1 day to go (last day is Dec.30) and experience Distrito Makati! it is located in the parking lot of Makati Medical center., from 9pm-3 am.have fun!  Happy New Year!



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