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Captain Food's Top 10 for 2011

2011 has been a great year for me in my food blogging career. I was able to write regularly and share both good pictures and reviews. I'm also glad that I've gained cool followers and friends who share same enthusiasm and excitement with me when it comes to foods.. 

So before saying goodbye to 2011, let me share with you my top 10 food./ drink favorites (considering both taste, and price).

TOP 10 - Korea Garden's Bibimpop
 -this Korean dish is simply lovely and of course healthy.  For me it represents an authentic Korean Bibimpop.  Lastly, I like the fresh ingredients used and the tasty hot red sauce.

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 9 -  Omakase's Calamansi Juice

-since I love citrus drinks, this one tops my list. It's delicious, hot, and sour. Perfect for a rainy/ cold weather + chit chat with a loved one.

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 8 -  Mac Deli's Vigan Empanada

-bring Vigan into Manila, and here's what you've got. Savor the green Papaya strips and egg inside a crunchy empanada crust!

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 7 -  Mr. Kimbob's Bibimbob

-I'm a big fan of Korean food, so it's the reason why 2 of my top 10 are actually Bibimpop! This rendition of Mr. Kimbob introduces meat steak as the meat instead of the usual ground beef.

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 6 -  Army Navy's Chicken Burrito

-Burrito is new to my food vocabulary, but Army Navy definitely created a masterpiece that gives full flavor wrapped in a clean white tortilla. Add lots of spices and it's a sure hit!

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 5 -  Sonja's Smores

-My love for graham added with creamy marshmallow and soft crust made my knees wobbly. (^_^)

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 4 -  KFC Egg Tarts

-These flaky egg tarts are fantastic! Sad thing they're not available here in Philippines and we have to wait for China/ Hongkong trips to buy them. 

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 3 -  Casa Verde's Brian's Baby Back Ribs
-Give way to Cebu's very own Casa Verde Brian Ribs. Be full with a big slab of ribs plus a tasteful meat! I was able to eat 5 orders of this in my 7 day stay in Cebu--and never got tired of its taste!

-no post yet. wait for it!

TOP 2 - Samurai's  Takoyaki

-Everytime I visit SM grocery, I always order this! Priced at 29 pesos, enjoy the true flavor of Takoyaki. Not like your traditional type with mayo. This one has a yummy red sauce plus a powdery secret which makes it awesome!

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP  1 - Apartment 1B's Grilled Blue Marlin with Pesto Pasta

-My top 1's quite pricey, but once you get a taste of it , you'll feel its worthiness! I fell in love with Apartment 1b's version of pesto pasta. Al dente texture +  pesto flavor + cheesy topping! On the other hand, the Blue Marlin is juicy and fresh as if it was catched before it was served in your table. 

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

So that's my 2011 Top 10! Now, I'm really really excited for the coming 2012. I know I'm still up to more food explorations with my friends and family, and I'll definitely share this to all of you! To give a sneak are my target food places to try this coming year of the dragon.

a.) Momo
b.) Robot
c.) Sisig Hooray
d.) My Thai
e.) Little Tokyo restaurants
f.) Korean restaurants 

if you have great Food places to share, feel free to leave a comment so that I can try it! I'd be very happy to try what suits your taste!

Before I end this post, i'd like to give my THANK YOU  to all of the readers/ bloggers/students/friends who have continually supported Captain Food. More food trips for all of us :)

Now, what is your top 10 ?

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