Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sonja's cupcakes-cute, lovely, and sweet treats!

Few weeks back, we decided to spend midnight at Serendra-trying out the super famous Sonja's cupcakes!

Sonja's cupcakes, Serendra. great place, great food
Without further a do---let me present to you the majestic pictures (WARNING: Prepare a tissue, because it is  mouthwatering. )
Flourless Chocolate Cupcake, 100 pesos
Flourless Chocolate cupcake! At first glance-so plain. But take note, this kills with goodness! A bite of it will tell you that it is more of a soft chocolate than a cupcake consistency. It is semi-sweet (which I really love), and melts in your mouth. For the price, it is quite expensive for 100 pesos, but if you are curious, and a definite choc-lover, then try it!

Rating: 4/5

Red Velvet, 75 pesos
Red Velvet! Sonja's version is simple, but powerful! I love the creamy, slightly salty frosting that they offer, since it will prevent you from getting used with the taste. Also, the cupcake itself, is not sweet-making it a good pair with the frosting. Based from our observation, almost 8 out of 10 buyers order these cupcakes-proving that it is a must-try! So what are you waiting for?

**Just a note: If you want to taste this at its optimum stage, better eat it right after buying, or before putting it into the refrigerator. For me, it becomes sweeter and harder when placed in cold storage, and I prefer its creamy texture when it is in room temperature.

Rating: 4/5

I bought 3 boxes for my mom, dad, and sister-

Red Velvets!creamy frosting!Yum Yum!

Flourless Chocolate Cupcake(top), and Smores Cupcake(bottom)
The Smores cupcakes is the top choice of my whole family! The pastry has a milky + graham flavor. The filling is a semi-sweet chocolate, and the topping is a roasted marshmallow. Overall, it has the right sweetness, softness, and combination of flavors! The moment I tasted it, I don't know what to say actually-plainly speechless.

Ratings: 5/5

Vanilla cupcakes , 55 pesos, (top). Lemon cupcake (bottom left), and red velvet, (bottom right)
I didn't really like the Vanilla cupcakes, since I'm more fond of chocolate flavor. Nevertheless, it still has the right sweetness level. The frosting is just quite plain and simple for me.

Ratings: 3/5

The lemon cupcake, is sour and sweet! If you are tired of the usual sweet cakes, then, this might be a hit for you!

Ratings: 3.5/5

here are the pictures of the cupcakes (which I haven't tried yet)
Strawberry Cupcakes!Hopefully, I can try you SOON!

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes! So white, cookie-looking goodness!
In total, Sonja's offers a comfy place in the heart of the city, while providing sweet classic treats to everyone. The special thing about them is that they have good and wide range of flavors, plus the fact that their cakes are not too sweet-just the right level.

Will I go back? definitely, YES! I' still up for the challenge to try everything displayed in their menu! Try it also, and share the goodness of cupcake with your family and loved ones :)



  1. naglalaway ako sa pictures! at parang sobrang sarap lahat! isama mo naman ako dito marianne! :)))) Gusto ko ung Red Velvet at Cookies and Cream! (Tulo Laway) haha!

  2. hayyyy cuteeeeee. parang perfect cupcakessss. hayy ngcrave tuloy ako sa pictres pti cake shake ng hungry cow tomas morato. hayyyy!

  3. hi justin.yep they are super cute and not to mention delicious! i've recently tried the very berry delight cheesecake and it's insanely yummy!


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