Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tea Republic -cakes, comfort food, and tea

One of my goals in life is to try the best cakes in town. Fortunately, one of my friends-Freya told me about this and their yummy mango tart cake..and so I tried since it is only a few steps away from our office.

The Tea Republic @ Pacific Star Makati

Their Pacific Star, Makati branch looks classy and cozy. It defines a perfect place to have a quiet afternoon snack with your friends.

Here are some of the pictures in their view window. (beware-- eye killer)
Ube Cake, Toblerone Cake,Carrot Cake, Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Wide variety of chocolate cakes!

I decided to try 2 of their cakes. First is the very cute carrot cake (115 pesos)
Carrot Cake, 115 pesos

The moment I saw this- the first thing that came into my mind is Bugs Bunny! The cute carrot design shows up lively in the creamy frosting. As for the taste, it has a moist carrot cake inside-chunky,not too sweet, and has a light flavor and texture of nuts. It tastes so light that it won't make you feel guilty for the sweet pleasure you are having. A perfect afternoon cake . <3

Ratings: 4/5

The next that I've tried is their Mango Tart Cake (120 pesos)
Mango Tart Cake, 120 pesos

It looks quite simple. But don't judge it rightaway. The moment you take a bite, you can feel the heavenly goodness of mango and cashew crust flavors. This frozen cake has a unique crust-it makes me remember Baguio's Good Shepherd Cashew Brittle. Like the carrot cake, it is also light, yet a sure delight for everyone.So better try it !

Ratings: 5/5

The Tea Republic--for the facebook page--> click here
*Enterprise Center
*Pacific Star, Makati
*SM Megamall


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