Monday, October 31, 2011

Harbour City- precious egg tarts in Cebu!

While walking at Ayala Mall Cebu, we passed by this huge restaurant--Harbour City

Since it is afternoon, my Dad and I just ordered snacks. First is the Hakao (~70 pesos)
Melt in your mouth Hakao
Their Hakao is good! For a relatively low price, the  dumpling is full of fresh shrimps inside. The coating has a soft texture that really melts in your mouth.  The idea makes me hungry now! Here is a shot of me with the empty hakao container

Ratings: 5/5

Me with Hakao, red blouse, and blue nail polish.
Last but not the least, and the star of this post is the EGG TART! As you all know, our family is such an addict for this snack, and after seeing it in the menu, we exploded with excitement!

Presenting..... the egg tart (~30 pesos)
flaky and creamy egg tart
The egg tart from Harbour City is composed of a flaky pastry and a creamy egg filling. Personally, I can compare it directly with KFC Hongkong's version, and we absolutely love it! Try it for yourself and you'll never regret it!

Ratings: 5/5

One is not enough neither is two, so we bought 10 pieces!
10 pieces egg tart for breakfast
I hope I can go back again to Cebu to taste these yummy egg tarts again. Their yumminess will be forever stucked in my taste buds.


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