Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bohol Bee Farm - cosmos salad and malunggay ice cream

It's been 3 months since I've had my Cebu-Bohol trip. Time passed by, but the memories and great food choices were still in my heart.

One of the best places that  we've visited is the Bohol Bee Farm
Welcome to Bohol Bee Farm
The moment you step in the place, you'll fall in love with nature...
here are some other pictures
Cozy dining place-both romantic and family-oriented

Even the menu has a 'native' aura

Me-----feeling the cold breeze of sea air.

A view from the restaurant's deck-so serene and blue

A natural touch in the table setup
Aside from the place itself, what you'll never want to miss is their food. First in line is their ice cream! One of the best I've ever tasted -they call it the Buzz Ice cream
The Buzz Ice cream-natural and yummy!
60 Pesos, for 2 big scoops! Such a winner
You can choose from a wide variety of Filipino-inspired flavors!
Ube, Mango, Pandan, Malunggay, Choco, Spicy Ginger, plus other flavors like Avocado etc.(I wasn't able to take a picture of all
I ordered Avocado-Malunggay Combination. My sister tried their Ube, while my Dad and Mom tried their Mango. Upon licking into the big scoop, I can't say anything-- awesome goodness! This is the creamiest ice cream I've ever tried! Plus the fact that it's really based on the Filipino flavor favorites!

The best flavor for me is #1- Malunggay- It's not the herb-tasting flavor you are thinking of. It's more of green creamy goodness. Technically speaking, I cannot see traces of Malunggay while eating it.

#2 best flavor is Avocado- As usual, when avocado is made creamy in a dish, it's a sure hit.

#3 best flavor-Ube- The old and classical Ube flavor made more natural by this Buzz version

Strike a pose with The Buzz Ice cream!

Me and my sister enjoying the scoop of goodness!
I nearly forgot to mention one "special" thing about Bohol Bee Farm's Ice Cream- their cone!

Yes, you get it right. Their cone is made of the traditional fried Lumpia wrapper (If I'm not mistaken, and if not, has a texture nearly identical with it). This unique element added a delicious touch-since it is crunchy, then chewy once soaked with ice cream already-such a delight. Please give me one now!

Lastly, we also ordered take-out dinner before we left the place as a packed food in our resort. We ordered Grilled Marlin (240 pesos)

Grilled Marlin, 240 pesos
If you are a health conscious person, then order this one. The fish is not oily, and red rice was used for the dish. Definitely a perfect balanced meal!

My sister opted for the Garlic Prawns (380 pesos)
Garlic Prawns
These Prawns will surely get everyone's heart. it is also served with red rice. It was not oily, and the garlic flavor reached the insides of the prawn meat. A great dinner for a beach day!

By the way, all of the dishes comes with a free side Organic Garden Salad-which has indigenous flowers like Cosmos-I seriously refer to the cute flower! Here's a shot for proof
Cosmos Salad, comes as a side dish for every meal
Their organic garden salad is composed of Fresh picked assorted romaine lettuce, radish, turnips, mustard greens and indigenous flowers (like Cosmos) served with Honey Mustard Salad dressing.

Does it taste weird? Upon looking, YES. But upon tasting-NO!. It tastes like a normal salad but better! the flowers are sweet and crunchy! This proves that lovely bouquets can be eaten as well!

Overall, Bohol Bee Farm offers a 
reasonable price + healthy goodness + great taste + awesome place=perfect vacation !

Oh! This is just one of the reasons why I love the simple town of Bohol. If given the chance, I'll definitely go back there!  Try it too!



  1. The cone is actually made of cassava. =)

  2. going here next week!! cannot wait to go foodtripping :D

  3. Wow!that's good news pinkcookies!try out these bohol bee farm specialties!

  4. i just tried their malunggay, ube, mango & buko flavors!! the malunggay is the best followed by ube! :D super loved their squash bread & pesto spread (i brought home some) and the pasta!! I wanna go back soon.

  5. @pinkcookies--good news! malunggay ice cream is quite addicting eh!? super yummy. I haven't tried their squah bread-next time, i'll definitely buy some :) thanks for the tip!

  6. hi marrianne great blog you have here :) is it ok if we share your experience on our facebook page? were currently promoting bohol and we would love to share your experience. I was hoping we could get a hold of you as well we would love to work with you on a couple of projects :)

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