Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Blue Kitchen - sweets and everything nice

After a looooong time of dormancy, Captain Food is back again!

Sweets and Snacks- so good to hear and taste!
The Blue Kitchen is a store in Powerplant Mall which has a decent, comfy, and homey aura. It offers a wide variety of sweets to choose from -from lengua, tamarind candy, up to uraro.
The Blue Kitchen, Powerplant Mall
here are some of the pictures:

 The store is such an eye candy. it will make you buy everything since the packaging and presentation is simple but has the "x-factor" impact.

 Since I'm just a girl who gets tempted easily with yummy-looking food....I bought their 1.) Very Buttery Lengua de Gato(~210 pesos), b.)Pallilos de Joe (215 pesos), c.) Scooped Macapuno(~210 pesos).

Me, shopping in this cute blue kitchen!


a.) Lengua- good and buttery! It will make you grab one or two pieces for snack. Perfect match for coffee in a cold afternoon.
b.) Pallilos de Joe-this is my first time to try this. It is like Broas paired with sansrival crust. It's quite sweet for my tastebuds, but will make a good partner for Lemon Tea.
c.) Scooped macapuno- instead of shredding the macapuno meat, they used a scooper..and behold.., chunky and chewy macapuno! All of us loved this especially my father who nearly consumed the whole bottle in one seating.

My Dad, with his cute smile holding Palillos de Joe

That's it for The Blue Kitchen. The prices are quite above average , but I think it is quite worth the value.Visit it next time you pass by The Powerplant Mall-Rockwell. It is near SM Appliance Center. I've heard that they also have a branch in Shanrila Mall.
 Here is their website--> click here


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