Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apartment 1B - One Lafayette Square

Apartment 1B----This place has always reminded me of home- cozy chairs, and bright aura. Plus the fact that it serves delicious food.

Yesterday, due to JJ's extreme curiousity (thanks for the treat!!!) to try this popular gourmet place, we were finally able to try it out. (actually it is my 2nd time here, but during the first, I wasn't able to take quality pictures)

The interior walls,

After some chit-chats, we ordered our food. The good thing is that we only waited for around 8 minutes, and freshly cooked food was served! I ordered the Grilled Blue Marlin with Pesto Pasta-630 pesos

Grilled Blue Marlin with Pesto Pasta and Grilled Vegetables
The name itself makes me hungry. Just by merely looking at this dish makes my heart jump of a win-win case. Imagine-a healthy fish dish on top of a healthy pasta. My first bite is divine. The Fish was evenly cooked. It is juicy and fresh. The tomato relish adds a complementing taste of sourness. Top it with pepper, and its definitely heaven!

Here is a shot of the pasta and grilled vegetables under the Blue Marlin.

Pesto Pasta 
Their Pesto is the best I've ever tried! It's not the kind of herb-healthy taste, but its more of the creamy pesto type loaded with cheese!  The grilled vegetables may look toasted but the insides are still soft and juicy. In reality, I was able to fully enjoy this lunch both because of the healthy super combo and the time to bond with friends.

Ratings: 10/10

Two of our friends (Gli and Kim) tried the Roasted Half Chicken, 430 pesos

The chicken is HUGE right? Oh well it's true. It's really big in reality. The mashed potatoes look creamy soft-and yes they are. The chicken itself is full of taste and cooked just the right way to make the skin appear golden brown. After asking my friends about their rating, they gave it a score of 

Ratings: 7/10

My roomie, Camille, ordered the Baby Back Ribs, 460 pesos
Baby Back Ribs
Based from her feedback-Comparing with the other ribs out there, it's pretty the same-presentation, taste, and size. A typical rib with a tender meat and flavorful kick. Casa Verde's Brian Ribs will still be my top choice. 

Ratings: 8/10

Lastly, JJ ordered the Grilled Porkchops-490 pesos

Grilled Porkchops- Tender, and flavorful(plus the apple sauce)
After asking him, he told us that it is delicious, and is like the other great porkchops. The apple sauce made it better -adding a hint of sweetness. Other high-end steak places like Tony Roma's will still top the list, but Apartment 1B's is comparable. He shared slices of porkchop to us. Personally, after trying it, I think it was cooked well, giving it a tender and moist texture. 

Ratings: 9/10

Our vanity pictures....

Closeup shots with our food.
Gli (Half roasted chicken), Camille (Baby Back ribs), Marianne (Grilled Blue Marlin),              
Kim( Half roasted chicken), JJ(Grilled Porkchops)
Another shot..
JJ, Camille, Kim ---while waiting for our orders

Marianne, Gli, Camille

That ends our Apartment 1B experience. Overall assessment is that the Price is quite high, but the place is cozy, and the food is delicious. If you have enough budget to treat your friends and loved ones, then you'll never go wrong here. Again Thank you to JJ for the super great treat! 

G/F Unit 1-B 132 L.P. Leviste cor. Sedeno St., Salcedo Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

(02) 843-4075



  1. wow. wasn't able to indulge on the ribs, pero mukha ngang tender :)


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