Monday, October 31, 2011

Harbour City- precious egg tarts in Cebu!

While walking at Ayala Mall Cebu, we passed by this huge restaurant--Harbour City

Since it is afternoon, my Dad and I just ordered snacks. First is the Hakao (~70 pesos)
Melt in your mouth Hakao
Their Hakao is good! For a relatively low price, the  dumpling is full of fresh shrimps inside. The coating has a soft texture that really melts in your mouth.  The idea makes me hungry now! Here is a shot of me with the empty hakao container

Ratings: 5/5

Me with Hakao, red blouse, and blue nail polish.
Last but not the least, and the star of this post is the EGG TART! As you all know, our family is such an addict for this snack, and after seeing it in the menu, we exploded with excitement!

Presenting..... the egg tart (~30 pesos)
flaky and creamy egg tart
The egg tart from Harbour City is composed of a flaky pastry and a creamy egg filling. Personally, I can compare it directly with KFC Hongkong's version, and we absolutely love it! Try it for yourself and you'll never regret it!

Ratings: 5/5

One is not enough neither is two, so we bought 10 pieces!
10 pieces egg tart for breakfast
I hope I can go back again to Cebu to taste these yummy egg tarts again. Their yumminess will be forever stucked in my taste buds.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Korea Garden - Best Pajon and Bibimbop

The Korean fever does not stop with their novelas and movies. It also extends up to Korean Food...and honestly I love it so much that it tops my food choices everytime.

3 months ago, I had my "New Hire Lunch"--of course with my team! As the 'newbie' , I was given the option to choose the restaurant. Due to the good feedbacks I've heard from my colleagues at work and my personal love for Korean food, we decided to dine at Korea Garden.

see my name?

The sophisticated ambiance
For the appetizers, we are all speechless. Why? because, a.) it is free, b.) It comes in wide variety!
FREE Appetizers! Potato, Radish?, Kimchi, Anchovy, Beansprouts. if you want more, just ask for a refill! Cool right?
Pabs, the expert when it comes to high-end food choices chose our food and what can we say? --no regrets at all. 

Here are the orders:

So Bulgogi (beef barbeque), 290 pesos
Beef Bulgogi-tender and flavorful
I'm not really fond of eating beef, but upon having my first bite, I love this dish.Meat is tender, and it is flavorful. Add the fact that it is served hot in the bulgogi pan! .

Ratings: 4.5/5

Next dish-the ever famous Bibimpop (Korean hot mixed rice), 285 pesos

the famous Bibimpop-my favorite Korean dish

If I were to choose the best authentic bibimpop, it would be this version! The veggies are fresh, the beef is tasty, the rice is steaming hot and white, and the hot sauce completes the taste with a kick! The egg is quite toasted which adds a crunch! No wonder why Sandara (popular Korean star who is formerly a Filipino actress) loves this dish! Personally, it also tops my Korean fave food.

Ratings: 5/5

We also ordered the Kimchi Chickey Soup, 280 pesos

Kimchi Chickey, spicy soup!
From the picture, you can definitely define its flavor----spicy! A spoonful of this will surely awaken your senses. If you are fond of eating spicy foods, you will love having this as a side soup for your meal.


My favorite dish from Korea Garden--the Pajon! (Spring Onion cake, 290 pesos)
Pajon-Korean Onion cake. Super Yummy! Korea Garden must try :)
What can I say about this? It is actually my first time to taste an onion cake, and fortunately, it left me a very good impression which always makes me want to go back and eat it. The pajon is tasty, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The onions add a sweet flavor with a spice in the end. If you dine at Korea Garden, don't forget to try this.

Ratings: 5/5

Lastly, they also serve a FREE dessert,....Pineapple!
Free Pineapple!

This ends my memorable New Hire Lunch at Korea Garden,
Group Picture after eating
Big Smiles for everyone! Thanks!

Korea Garden RestaurantJupiter St.

128 Jupiter St., Bel-Air 2
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 895-5443


Starbucks 2012 Planner- Excited to have one?

Do you know what time it is??
Sticker-collecting period to get the ever famous Starbucks Planner!

Here are some of the pictures.
SB 2012 planner.Wood crafted, eco-version for nature lovers out there

First look tells you that it is an "eco" version. Yes it is.The theme is Starbucks Shared Planet- paper is 70% recycled, cover is wooden, plus the fact that every planner corresponds to a donation. How good and great right?

The other details are as follows:

a.) 5 designs available!-named after trees (Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Oak, Poplar, and Spruce)

b.) each planner comes in a POUCH! I absolutely love this feature, since it ensures that the planner is well kept nice and clean. The size of the pouch is larger, so you can slip a pen, money, or even your cute mobile phone.
Pouch of the SB2012 planner

c.) Comes with a Bookmark <thick cardboard with SB design>, and 9 different coupons<free add-on, upsize, etc.>

d.) Smaller than the previous ones making it more portable! Cool! Really for the people on the go!

e.) The back of the planner has a pocket where you can place small documents.

These are just some of the things I've read. Starting November 03, you can go to the nearest Starbucks branch and collect stickers!  here are the 3 options you can choose from:

Option 1: Buy nine (9) Christmas beverages + eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks = 17 stickers
Option 2: Buy 23 core beverages except bottled drinks = 23 stickers
Option 3: Buy P5,000 worth of Starbucks merchandise for your holiday gift-giving needs = free 2012 Starbucks Planner on the spot!

COOL! So start the Starbucks drinking habit again! It's a WIN-WIN case for the whole world! A campaign for Mother Nature, Donation for the needy, and you having a sip of your favorite SB drink, plus the fact of having an SB planner to start your 2012 right!

Personally, I've never planned to have my SB planner for 2012. But after reading the posts all over the net, I'm pretty convinced to earn for one, and maybe for more as gifts.Wait for my unboxing post of this SB planner ...

Start the habit of drinking coffee. Spend it with your friends and family. Create bonds and happy moments together <3

Merry Christmas!(in advance)


**pictures used are from Animetric's World and Tales from the Tummy.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apartment 1B - One Lafayette Square

Apartment 1B----This place has always reminded me of home- cozy chairs, and bright aura. Plus the fact that it serves delicious food.

Yesterday, due to JJ's extreme curiousity (thanks for the treat!!!) to try this popular gourmet place, we were finally able to try it out. (actually it is my 2nd time here, but during the first, I wasn't able to take quality pictures)

The interior walls,

After some chit-chats, we ordered our food. The good thing is that we only waited for around 8 minutes, and freshly cooked food was served! I ordered the Grilled Blue Marlin with Pesto Pasta-630 pesos

Grilled Blue Marlin with Pesto Pasta and Grilled Vegetables
The name itself makes me hungry. Just by merely looking at this dish makes my heart jump of a win-win case. Imagine-a healthy fish dish on top of a healthy pasta. My first bite is divine. The Fish was evenly cooked. It is juicy and fresh. The tomato relish adds a complementing taste of sourness. Top it with pepper, and its definitely heaven!

Here is a shot of the pasta and grilled vegetables under the Blue Marlin.

Pesto Pasta 
Their Pesto is the best I've ever tried! It's not the kind of herb-healthy taste, but its more of the creamy pesto type loaded with cheese!  The grilled vegetables may look toasted but the insides are still soft and juicy. In reality, I was able to fully enjoy this lunch both because of the healthy super combo and the time to bond with friends.

Ratings: 10/10

Two of our friends (Gli and Kim) tried the Roasted Half Chicken, 430 pesos

The chicken is HUGE right? Oh well it's true. It's really big in reality. The mashed potatoes look creamy soft-and yes they are. The chicken itself is full of taste and cooked just the right way to make the skin appear golden brown. After asking my friends about their rating, they gave it a score of 

Ratings: 7/10

My roomie, Camille, ordered the Baby Back Ribs, 460 pesos
Baby Back Ribs
Based from her feedback-Comparing with the other ribs out there, it's pretty the same-presentation, taste, and size. A typical rib with a tender meat and flavorful kick. Casa Verde's Brian Ribs will still be my top choice. 

Ratings: 8/10

Lastly, JJ ordered the Grilled Porkchops-490 pesos

Grilled Porkchops- Tender, and flavorful(plus the apple sauce)
After asking him, he told us that it is delicious, and is like the other great porkchops. The apple sauce made it better -adding a hint of sweetness. Other high-end steak places like Tony Roma's will still top the list, but Apartment 1B's is comparable. He shared slices of porkchop to us. Personally, after trying it, I think it was cooked well, giving it a tender and moist texture. 

Ratings: 9/10

Our vanity pictures....

Closeup shots with our food.
Gli (Half roasted chicken), Camille (Baby Back ribs), Marianne (Grilled Blue Marlin),              
Kim( Half roasted chicken), JJ(Grilled Porkchops)
Another shot..
JJ, Camille, Kim ---while waiting for our orders

Marianne, Gli, Camille

That ends our Apartment 1B experience. Overall assessment is that the Price is quite high, but the place is cozy, and the food is delicious. If you have enough budget to treat your friends and loved ones, then you'll never go wrong here. Again Thank you to JJ for the super great treat! 

G/F Unit 1-B 132 L.P. Leviste cor. Sedeno St., Salcedo Village
Makati City, Metro Manila

(02) 843-4075


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bohol Bee Farm - cosmos salad and malunggay ice cream

It's been 3 months since I've had my Cebu-Bohol trip. Time passed by, but the memories and great food choices were still in my heart.

One of the best places that  we've visited is the Bohol Bee Farm
Welcome to Bohol Bee Farm
The moment you step in the place, you'll fall in love with nature...
here are some other pictures
Cozy dining place-both romantic and family-oriented

Even the menu has a 'native' aura

Me-----feeling the cold breeze of sea air.

A view from the restaurant's deck-so serene and blue

A natural touch in the table setup
Aside from the place itself, what you'll never want to miss is their food. First in line is their ice cream! One of the best I've ever tasted -they call it the Buzz Ice cream
The Buzz Ice cream-natural and yummy!
60 Pesos, for 2 big scoops! Such a winner
You can choose from a wide variety of Filipino-inspired flavors!
Ube, Mango, Pandan, Malunggay, Choco, Spicy Ginger, plus other flavors like Avocado etc.(I wasn't able to take a picture of all
I ordered Avocado-Malunggay Combination. My sister tried their Ube, while my Dad and Mom tried their Mango. Upon licking into the big scoop, I can't say anything-- awesome goodness! This is the creamiest ice cream I've ever tried! Plus the fact that it's really based on the Filipino flavor favorites!

The best flavor for me is #1- Malunggay- It's not the herb-tasting flavor you are thinking of. It's more of green creamy goodness. Technically speaking, I cannot see traces of Malunggay while eating it.

#2 best flavor is Avocado- As usual, when avocado is made creamy in a dish, it's a sure hit.

#3 best flavor-Ube- The old and classical Ube flavor made more natural by this Buzz version

Strike a pose with The Buzz Ice cream!

Me and my sister enjoying the scoop of goodness!
I nearly forgot to mention one "special" thing about Bohol Bee Farm's Ice Cream- their cone!

Yes, you get it right. Their cone is made of the traditional fried Lumpia wrapper (If I'm not mistaken, and if not, has a texture nearly identical with it). This unique element added a delicious touch-since it is crunchy, then chewy once soaked with ice cream already-such a delight. Please give me one now!

Lastly, we also ordered take-out dinner before we left the place as a packed food in our resort. We ordered Grilled Marlin (240 pesos)

Grilled Marlin, 240 pesos
If you are a health conscious person, then order this one. The fish is not oily, and red rice was used for the dish. Definitely a perfect balanced meal!

My sister opted for the Garlic Prawns (380 pesos)
Garlic Prawns
These Prawns will surely get everyone's heart. it is also served with red rice. It was not oily, and the garlic flavor reached the insides of the prawn meat. A great dinner for a beach day!

By the way, all of the dishes comes with a free side Organic Garden Salad-which has indigenous flowers like Cosmos-I seriously refer to the cute flower! Here's a shot for proof
Cosmos Salad, comes as a side dish for every meal
Their organic garden salad is composed of Fresh picked assorted romaine lettuce, radish, turnips, mustard greens and indigenous flowers (like Cosmos) served with Honey Mustard Salad dressing.

Does it taste weird? Upon looking, YES. But upon tasting-NO!. It tastes like a normal salad but better! the flowers are sweet and crunchy! This proves that lovely bouquets can be eaten as well!

Overall, Bohol Bee Farm offers a 
reasonable price + healthy goodness + great taste + awesome place=perfect vacation !

Oh! This is just one of the reasons why I love the simple town of Bohol. If given the chance, I'll definitely go back there!  Try it too!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kuya's Lumpia - healthy, affordable vegetable treat

Who wants the famous Filipino food of Lumpiang Ubod?
**me raising hand.

Oh well. Lumpiang Ubod is a special type of Filipino Spring Roll made from coconut julienne or heart of palm.It is a specialty of the Silay City, Negros Occidental.

I don't have any plans to go to province, nor I'm not in the mood to cook....luckily, I've found this new mini store in Festival Mall, Alabang selling my oh-so-favorite lumpia!----Kuya's Lumpia!
The packaging---looks healthylicious!.yummmmmmm
Finally, the star of the afternoon!
Kuya's Lumpia, 45 pesos
See this lumpia? It's loaded with tons of garlic. The sauce is really flavorful and has the intense touch of garlic which makes it adorable!If you are the type of person who wants to eat everything while its hot, then you can also request for them to scoop your sauce from the newly-cooked batch of sauce. Looking inside, the heart of palm ('ubod') is soft, and juicy -which proves that it is fresh. 

So, if you want to try this out, go to the nearest branches. So far, I've tried this in Festival Mall, Alabang, and SM Southmall.

Kuya's Lumpia
*Forum Robinsons
*Starmall Edsa
*Festival Mall, Alabang
*SM Southmall.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tea Republic -cakes, comfort food, and tea

One of my goals in life is to try the best cakes in town. Fortunately, one of my friends-Freya told me about this and their yummy mango tart cake..and so I tried since it is only a few steps away from our office.

The Tea Republic @ Pacific Star Makati

Their Pacific Star, Makati branch looks classy and cozy. It defines a perfect place to have a quiet afternoon snack with your friends.

Here are some of the pictures in their view window. (beware-- eye killer)
Ube Cake, Toblerone Cake,Carrot Cake, Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Wide variety of chocolate cakes!

I decided to try 2 of their cakes. First is the very cute carrot cake (115 pesos)
Carrot Cake, 115 pesos

The moment I saw this- the first thing that came into my mind is Bugs Bunny! The cute carrot design shows up lively in the creamy frosting. As for the taste, it has a moist carrot cake inside-chunky,not too sweet, and has a light flavor and texture of nuts. It tastes so light that it won't make you feel guilty for the sweet pleasure you are having. A perfect afternoon cake . <3

Ratings: 4/5

The next that I've tried is their Mango Tart Cake (120 pesos)
Mango Tart Cake, 120 pesos

It looks quite simple. But don't judge it rightaway. The moment you take a bite, you can feel the heavenly goodness of mango and cashew crust flavors. This frozen cake has a unique crust-it makes me remember Baguio's Good Shepherd Cashew Brittle. Like the carrot cake, it is also light, yet a sure delight for everyone.So better try it !

Ratings: 5/5

The Tea Republic--for the facebook page--> click here
*Enterprise Center
*Pacific Star, Makati
*SM Megamall


The Blue Kitchen - sweets and everything nice

After a looooong time of dormancy, Captain Food is back again!

Sweets and Snacks- so good to hear and taste!
The Blue Kitchen is a store in Powerplant Mall which has a decent, comfy, and homey aura. It offers a wide variety of sweets to choose from -from lengua, tamarind candy, up to uraro.
The Blue Kitchen, Powerplant Mall
here are some of the pictures:

 The store is such an eye candy. it will make you buy everything since the packaging and presentation is simple but has the "x-factor" impact.

 Since I'm just a girl who gets tempted easily with yummy-looking food....I bought their 1.) Very Buttery Lengua de Gato(~210 pesos), b.)Pallilos de Joe (215 pesos), c.) Scooped Macapuno(~210 pesos).

Me, shopping in this cute blue kitchen!


a.) Lengua- good and buttery! It will make you grab one or two pieces for snack. Perfect match for coffee in a cold afternoon.
b.) Pallilos de Joe-this is my first time to try this. It is like Broas paired with sansrival crust. It's quite sweet for my tastebuds, but will make a good partner for Lemon Tea.
c.) Scooped macapuno- instead of shredding the macapuno meat, they used a scooper..and behold.., chunky and chewy macapuno! All of us loved this especially my father who nearly consumed the whole bottle in one seating.

My Dad, with his cute smile holding Palillos de Joe

That's it for The Blue Kitchen. The prices are quite above average , but I think it is quite worth the value.Visit it next time you pass by The Powerplant Mall-Rockwell. It is near SM Appliance Center. I've heard that they also have a branch in Shanrila Mall.
 Here is their website--> click here