Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 - Captain Food's Top 5

September started with a bang because of the Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet.

The stage background. Just a trivia, Orange is a color that is appetizing according to studies.

Few weeks before the "big" food day, I had several visions on the wide variety of foods, yummy samples, and excited foodies allover the venue. And it all turned to reality yesterday.

Imagine having 50 food suppliers in front of you, each presenting their own unique recipe.All you need to do is taste it, and be a Food critic! Sooooo C-O-O-L right? 

Without further-a-do, I'm sharing with you my top 5 favorites for the event, since I can't review all 50. This may seem different from your taste/decision since each person has his/her own preferences, and I think this is what makes Taste Test events special and fun-the diversity behind the crowd of foodies!

more pictures at Captain Food's fanpage .click --> here.

TOP 1: Luigi's is our top favorite-it has been a consistent decision for almost every friend that i bump with. They always tell that the Philly Changa is a winner!
Cordon Bleau, and Philly Changa (Philly Cheesesteak roll) of Luigi's  
Ratings: 5/5

At first glance, you may think that it's just a plain, old, fried roll. Once you bite it, the flavors will suddenly burst! it is loaded with cheese and tender steak! So good, so delicious, if i'll be given a plate full of it, I can eat it I swear!=)  The cordon bleau with aligue sauce is also great! Just the right amount of meat, ham, and cheese.Here is their facebook link, so that you can view their menu, prices, and awesome food pics ==> Luigi's.

Ratings: 5/5 (best food for any occasion!)
Picture with the chef-Luigi Muhlach. I'm a fan now.

My second favorite is the Smoked Pork Ribs of  Top 2: Big Daddy Jay's
Smoked Pork Ribs of Big Daddy Jay's. 
A close-up - hungry-fying isn't it? hmmmmmm
@ Big Daddy Jay's booth

If you love ribs, then, try Big Daddy Jay's. They offer a very tasty version that is not dry but full of flavors. It is more on the hamonado (sweet)-style , that really complements Filipino taste. The owner said that it is actually their first event/ appearance in public, and by next week, they'll join Mercato. Better watch out for this one great yummy store!

Ratings: 5/5 (perfect lunch/dinner!)

Next is Top 3: Empire's French Macarons
Empire's French Macarons---so colorful and yummy! Favorite: Spicy Chocolate
I'm a big lover of Macarons eversince. What I love with Empire's version is that they have unique flavors. What I tried is the Chili Chocolate- and there's absolutely no regrets with this choice. It has the chocolatey goodness followed by a spicy kick in the end. Adventurous and Awesome at the same time.

I plan to taste more of their flavors like the White Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Triple Chocolate.  Here is their website for your reference==> Empire

Ratings: 5/5 great dessert(recommended: spicy chocolate)

 The next is a personal recipe - Top 4: Marla's original Muncheez
Marla's Original Muncheez - unique, yummy, and not too sweet
Close-up . Looks healthy yummy eh?
The Muncheez is actually composed of cornflakes flavored by Marla's personal recipe. My first impression when I had a bite is " Crunchy and Chewy". It's delicious because it is not too sweet and light-tasting, making it a perfect snack to munch on. Also the creator of this one is very friendly and accommodating, giving the details of her yummy product, here is a link so that you can further explore her product==> Marla's Muncheez

Ratings: 5/5 for a light snack

Since we are on the dessert lane, I'll continue my review with the Top 5: Cupcake Botique by Klar Joseph

WOW! Tray full of cupcakesssss!
Samples!  Red Velvet, The Diplomat, and Green Tea
Perfect view! Presentation is good and enticing!
Cupcakes are famous since they're easy to eat and sweet. It can make people happy. The Cupcake Boutique's version judging first from its presentation can already make you happy and hungry.

 After I took a bite, I said to myself that I have found it! The nice red velvet cupcake! For me, it's delicious since it is not too sweet, has the trace of chocolate, and effect of the red velvet goodness! The cream frosting on top is just perfect.

here's link for Cupcake Boutique's page: --> Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph

Ratings: 5/5 (my favorite red velvet cupcake)
The Bigger regular versions of cupcakes. The Diplomat, Red Velvet, and Green tea

The Diplomat (chocolate with gold design on top), is quite on the bitterweet/dark side. I also loved it since i love dark choco. Ratings: 4/5

The Green Tea is a flavor which proves that even healthy and leafy drinks can be turned to a light and good cupcake. Ratings: 3/5

With the Cupcake Boutique team.
These are my top 5 food suppliers during the UTT 6.0. I still have more pictures and reviews for the other food suppliers during the event so watch out =)

Overall, the event is great. It promotes the discovery of new, unique, and undiscovered recipes in the market. Foodies really enjoyed it as you can see a big smile in everyone's faces. Me and my friends had a good time eating, talking, and participating in the activities. Thanks to Rockwell Powerplant Mall, I won 2 free movie tickets!

here are some of our pictures during the event, just to share with all of you the fun that we had, 
great foodie friends: Kryscel, Shantelle, Me(Marianne)
me Star-strucked with Don Anton Diaz
Kryscel, Marianne, Kristel, Bench -good friends, good times, (cheesy)
here is a photo from Rochelle Sy Chua of Hearty's Haven (thanks roch!) . I've also read her great review during the event -->click here.
good friends  We had a blast ! (photo courtesy of rochelle's hearty's haven)

Are we going back to UTT 7.0?

after spending 7 fun and delicious hours in the event (2pm-9pm),
definitely YES!



  1. hi ! thank you for taking time to drop by our booth and sampling our smoked pork ribs. we hope to see you this coming Saturday at Midnight Mercato. have a great week ahead :)

    Ian Cruz (Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ)

  2. welcome arman! your food is really great!we'll pay a visit in midnight mercato =)

  3. Maraming may gusto sa food ni Luigi ha...

    Thanks for this Top 5 post :) Thanks for coming and meeting you for the first time :)

  4. Hi Anton! Thanks for visiting my blog! super pleasure! Yep super sarap nga food ni Luigi.

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