Saturday, September 10, 2011


I love Malls. Sometimes, I go there alone, walk, walk, shop, and eat, and walk again. It's some sort of relaxation and personal time for me.

Since I'm tight on budget, I opted to tour around SM Southmall's newly constructed foodcourt and found this Korean food store:
Mr. Bibimbob's short menu
As you can see, the prices are fit for the budget! Short menu , but looks yummy right!?

My order is of course my favorite Korean food: BIBIMPOP. With Mr. KimBob, they call this, BIBIMBOB-for the meat, I chose chicken (since i'm currently on a healthy living principle)
Bibimbob, 95 pesos
My 95 pesos was really well-spent.
The presentation is great-comparable with Pepper Lunch's style. The vegetables, have the right texture and softness. It has a light flavor that complements a vegetarian's tongue. The rice is top of the class, and egg is not oily. Lastly, the meat (chicken is what I ordered) tastes good! Its like a chicken steak. 

Will I go back? YES! I'll eat here everytime I visit SM Southmall. Try it too!



  1. wow ms. marianne sa mga korean series ko lng nkikita yan since fanatic me ng kdrama and kmovies...gusto ko xa matikman kso sa lagay ko hindi talaga pwede...hays...sana mayroong HALAL KOREAN RESTAURANT!!!wahahaha...nice blog maam....

  2. wow!sige pag may nahanap ao na halal korean restau ill post it here for you :)

    pero your right.masarap siya!and heaklthy =)

  3. Hi. Does the bibimbap have some sort of red spicy sauce? It's red pepper paste and quite important to the dish. Im just wondering, coz i havent tried dining at mr. Kimbob.

  4. Hi Dee- can request for it and they will give you. I agree that it is important for the dish, and very yummy indeed :)

  5. do they serve dukbokki ??? if so, how much???

  6. i think the price range of dukbokki is 65-70 pesos :D
    hey guys read also my food blog! hahah. it is just my hobby :D

  7. i think dukbokki is the rice cake? the orange one??

  8. Hi- I think they don't serve dukbokki. They are more of korean rice meals. :)


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