Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hossein's Persian Kebab

The name of the place brings me back to the days when I'm watching Aladdin - Magic lamps, Carpets, and luxury. The moment I stepped inside the restaurant, I had the same feeling. The dim lights with chandeliers and the extravagantly created design makes me feel rich.
Hossein's menu. 

We love kebabs especially when they are properly seasoned. That's the reason why we tried this place since I've heard that they are famous for these kinds of food.

For appetizer, I ordered my ever favorite Greek Whole Salad (share-390 pesos)
Greek Salad, 390 pesos

The salad was drizzled with lots of vinaigrette. All of the greens, tomatoes, and olives are flavorful. If I were to compare it with other Greek salads I've tried, I can say that belongs to the average list. It lacks feta cheese, walnuts, and sun-dried tomatoes, which makes the salad, Greek.

Ratings: 3/5

Next, we ordered the famous South Asian bread - Roti (110 pesos), and Roti Channai (120 pesos).
freshly cooked Roti, 110 pesos
Roti Channai , 120 pesos. hot, sweet, and yummy!
I love both of these breads. Roti is plain, simple, and matches kebabs well. On the other hand, if you are on the sweeter pastry side, then try Roti Channai. It has a crunchy crust but chewy inside. You'll surely love it !

Lastly, the star of the night...the Mix Kebab II combo platter, 657 pesos
Mix Kebab II-Chicken, Ground Beef, and Tenderloin kebab
I love the way this dish was presented. Just a heads up, if you order kebabs, it might take you approximately 20-25 minutes waiting time since they are really cooking the meat slowly, to ensure the tender quality.

My favorite kebab for this platter is the chicken-the meat is super tender, and the spices are strong, a perfect kebab. The ground beef, and the tenderloin has the same oh-so-good texture and juiciness. Since I'm not fond of eating beef, my dad consumed the 2 sticks without hesitations.

Of course, as a soothing drink, we ordered Persian Tea, 146 pesos

With its red color, and soothing aroma, Persian tea will now be one of my must-order drinks in restaurants .
Our Persian foodtrip experience will not end without a picture -
me-matching the theme with the Persian spirit.
Overall, what is my rating for the place?

-the food is good, but the price is quite high. Would I go back? Yes,when I have enough budget to try their other kebabs like fish, and shrimp. So if you have the money, time, and interest to try out this luxurious Persian place, then go !

They have 3 branches-
Greenbelt 3
Makati Ave.


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