Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Lemon

If you are really following my blog, I think you'll know that I'm a great fan of Milk tea drinks and places.It's my comfort drink! (^_^)

Luckily, this week has been very good for me because I was able to try one of the most famous milk tea places---HAPPY LEMON! The famous milk tea place owned by Chris Tiu.

Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese, 95 pesos

I ordered Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese, 0%. My friend Kryscel had same order with 50% sugar. Reason why? We had a sudden splurge of "healthy living concept" in our minds...

Verdict? hmmm..not so good. I think the tea that they use is too strong for my taste. What I love with it is of course the rocksalt and cheese topping. My friend liked it though. She said that at first, its not good, then later on, it gets yummy. Unique right?

Ratings: 6/10

Me (playing with the order vibrator), and Kryscel (having her first sip)

Our friend Mark tried the Mango and Orange Yogurt Mousse Spin,
Picture courtesy of  Happy Lemon website
When we asked him, what does it tastes like, he said that its sour-due to the orange and yogurt. Nevertheless, he was able to clean the cup.

Ratings: 7/10

After ordering, I had some regrets. I wish I've ordered the Cocoa with Rocksalt and Cheese that I had days ago when my friend Freya brought some in the office. here are some of the not-so-prepared pictures,
Halfway...looks so good..and definitely tastes perfect!

Close-up view of the very delicious rocksalt and cheese topping,
the rocksalt and cheese secret topping! the shining star of the drink.

Honestly, this is the top 1 of my drink list.  I was able to finish my cup in 5 minutes! The cocoa was blended well, creamy, and addicting! The rocksalt and cheese, added the "mystic" flavor that paired well with the chocolate flavor! AWESOME and HEAVENLY GOOD! I want one now...can you give me please??

Ratings: 10/10

No wonder, why so many people are raving about it. Just looking at the line, makes me wanna taste their drinks now,

After trying several flavors, I'd definitely want to go back again to Happy Lemon. here are some of the flavors that my friends recommend, and I'm up to the challenge of trying it:

a.) Coffee with Rocksalt and Cheese
b.) Milk Tea with Oreo

and here ends my Happy Lemon experience!

Branches: Greenhills, Eastwood mall, Powerplant mall Rockwell, Trinoma (near cinema and timezone)


  1. happy lemon, ill be back! =)

  2. mark!try the cocoa with rocksalt and cheese! both cocoa and coffee are good according to my friends =)


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