Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homebakers - Merceditas

Brazo de Mercedes - is a rolled cake composed of soft and puffy meringue filled with  creamy custard inside. This has been one of our family's favorite desserts eversince I was a little child.

When I was in Cebu, I mentioned this to my Excel family (Sir Erwin, Ate Mia, Mam Ely, and the rest of the them), and few days before I leave, I was surprised with their present...

A box of Merceditas (the name it was called, due to the fact that it is mini version of Brazo de Mercedes), from Homebakers, (a specialty, family business bakeshop)

Box of Merceditas,16 pcs, 330 pesos

Looks delicious right? here is the unboxed version,
Looks soft and fluffy and yummy right?
After receiving it, I nearly jumped with excitement because the pastry really looks enticing! I brought it to my family, and we ate it.... and the verdict? Champion! The Best Brazo de Mercedes that we have tasted so far! better than any of the famous cake stores like Goldilocks, & Red Ribbon).

The close-up shot,

I can't wait to eat it with one bite! creamy custard inside!

The meringue is really soft and has the melt-in-your-mouth-easily texture. It has the right sweetness that will convince you to eat more since you'll never get tired of it (promise!). The custard, is creamy, smooth, sweet, and characterized with a hint of lemon(i'm not sure if it has dayap rinds that added this flavor).

Curious? Then, try it if you happen to visit Cebu. As I know, it is near Fuente Osmena circle, and along the Mango Avenue. I'm not well informed of the location since as I said earlier it was given to me as a present.=)

If any of you knows the contact number or location, you can freely comment about it here so that other readers can experience its heavenly goodness.

Thanks Excel-Cebu family for this yummy experience! (and also for Excel Management for the whole Cebu teaching experience plus the stay at One Orange Dorm! ) we truly enjoyed it all! I'll definitely miss everything about this place and I hope I can go back to Cebu again.=)))


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  2. Thanks prolix! I really have the passion to share my love for food places so i want it to be reflected in my blog=) Enjoy reading!


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