Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bon Chon-Twice Fried Chicken Goodness!

I've been hearing a lot of good feedbacks to this place lately, so we decided to try it.

After consulting with Wikipedia, here is the information that I've got:

"Bonchon Chicken is a South Korean-based fried chicken franchise restaurant. In addition to locations in South Korea, there are also several Bonchon Chicken locations within the United States. Korean fried chicken differs from typical American fried chicken by being fried twice. This results in the skin being crunchier and less greasy, furthermore Korean-style chicken is not characterized by the crags and crusty nubs associated with American fried chicken." - Wikipedia

Without lengthening the agony, here are the pictures,
2-pc Chicken Wings with Rice, ~120 pesos
 The chicken is absolutely GOOOOOD!. At first glance, it may seem oily, but no. The glazing just appears to be too shiny for the presentation. It has a great combination of sweet, spicy, and salty. So far, this is my favorite fried chicken in my life =) If you're curious, then try it!

My friend ordered the Beef Bulgogi,
Beef Bulgogi, ~100 pesos
According to her, It also taste delicious! She was able to finish the meal within few minutes. Just by looking in the picture, you can see that it is full of great flavors within.Yum!

A picture of my friends having a fun Bon Chon experience=),
My friends with great smiles @ BonChon chicken place
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Greenbelt 1
SM Megamall


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - lazy snack day

Everytime I visit coffee shops, there are only 2 items that  I prefer to order: a.) Hot or Iced Americano, or b.) Hot Green Tea. I'm not really fond of trying their pasta, snacks, or cakes. 

However, lately I've been seeing Coffee Bean in Ayala Triangle loaded with people eating their daily snack offerings. The other branch in Alabang Town Center also has the same setting.

So one night after work, me and my dad decided to pass by their ATC branch to chill and chat. We ordered their Blueberry Cheesecake, (~130 pesos)
Coffee Bean's sponge-cheesy Blueberry Cheesecake, ~130 pesos
Their cheesecake is not really the cheesy textured one. It has the combination of a cheesy-sponge feeling. If you take a bite, you'll probably be confused if its a cheesecake or a super fine , creamy, moist cake. I think this quality sets it inseparable with other cheesecakes out there.  Add the fact that it is neither too sweet nor too plain. An almost perfect blueberry cheesecake.
Ratings: 4.5/5

Also, we tried Eggs Ben, 235 pesos, served with small cup of coffee or tea.
Eggs Benedict with a cup of coffee/tea, 235 pesos 
Midnight breakfast? Sounds weird, but it's yummy! Thanks to my colleague Freya who told me about this great snack. 

Just a bit of info, Eggs Benedict is actually a Western dish that consists of 2 halves of English muffin, topped with ham/bacon, cheese,  poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce(egg yolk + butter + lemon juice). 

Coffee Bean's version never failed me since their poached egg has a very creamy texture that gives the melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The sauce is also good. It turned out that this is my favorite breakfast as of now (in the absence of Mcdonald's egg muffin)
Ratings: 5/5

So there, call a friend now and chill at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. 

CaptainFood <3

Monday, August 29, 2011

XO kitchen -what's special?

Chinese food is always a safe choice for lunch if you don't feel like trying extremes of taste. Last friday, we tried XO kitchen in Jupiter, Makati.
XO Kitchen, 134 Jupiter St., Bel-Air 2 Makati City, Metro Manila

Just to share, XO is actually a spicy seafood sauce from Southern China. It can be used as a condiment or a seasoning for rice & viands. A lot of people love to put this sauce in their dishes to add the plus factor in the taste.

Since we are really hungry, we ordered right away.
XO menu. simple and neat

The never-ending bestseller of all Chinese restaurants, Yang Chow Fried Rice, 130 pesos
Yang Chow Fried Rice, 130 pesos, cute presentation right?

I like the right flavor that this Yang chow version has. Enough veggies, oil, and meat-plus the fact that it has a cute presentation in a mini-pan, and lastly, the price is right.

My favorite dish of the day, (since I'm a fan of seafood dishes)

The Salt and Pepper Squid, (250 pesos) is a great partner of Yang chow since if you are going to eat it alone, it might seem salty. The squid is tender, and tasteful. The breading has the crispy goodness, and is not oily (drained very well).

The Spicy Szechuan Beef, 240 pesos

Spicy Szechuan Beef, 240 pesos (if you want to make it extreme hot, then pinch that chili!=))
 The beef is tender, and even before biting it, you can already sense the aroma of flavors. Quite strong spices are into this dish which makes it a great partner for rice. I'm not a beef-lover, so I just tried this one for experience.

Our last order is the Steamed Fish with Garlic,(240 pesos)
Steamed Fish with Garlic, 240 pesos

Cream Dory topped with loads of garlic(healthy yum!) in oyster sauce. If you like something on the lighter side (low calories), then order this one. Not much spices (right saltiness, not spicy, not sweet), but the taste satisfies a health-buff's criteria. 

This ends our XO kitchen lunch! Will I go back? 

Answer is YES. They still have loads of dishes that I'm feeling curious about like Noodles with Clams in XO Sauce (160 pesos), Fried Mantau ( a personal favorite <3 ), and the Ferrero Rocher Buchi (weird, unique, but sounds good!)

Cheers (for a cup of tea )! Have a great lunch!
Ti Kwan Yin Tea, (45 pesos)- light tea taste, has the impression of the
traditional Misa de Gallo tea

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Omakase-Japanese Cuisine

If you'll ask me to give one of the few things that I enjoy at work - it is definitely the lunch outs every Friday.  Aside from the fact that most of them are free, what I enjoy the most is the bonding and feeling of belonging-chit chats,& laughters.

The spot place for last Friday is Omakase-Japanese Cusine. At first glance of the place, you'll love its comfy and modern Jap setup.
Cute pink and lavender chairs, in a modern, & sophisticated Japanese setup

For appetizer, we ordered JSC(Jurassic, Seabreeze, and Crazy) Sushi Platter, 675 pesos

JSC Platter, fresh tuna, cruncy and tasty unagi, and spicy tuna served in one dish!

The presentation is a blast, but I'm sure that when you taste it, you'll be in love with it. All of the 3 sushi variants are delicious. 

My personal favorite is the  Jurassic Maki-sushi rolled with kani, ebiko, ebi tempura, cucumber, salmon skin and topped with great tasting Unagi(eel) !

Rating: 4.5/5

The Mikado salad, 225 pesos
Mikado Salad, 225 pesos. The picture is really enticing huh?
Salad served with mangoes, avocado, tomato, cabbage, cucumber, drizzled with creamy Japanese mayonnaise and topped with Chicken Teriyaki strips! One of my favorite salads!

Rating: 3.4/5

We also ordered the classic Sukiyaki, 250 pesos
Maggie , pretty & excited with the hot and yum Sukiyaki
Their Sukiyaki variation is not too sweet, and has lots of vegetables! it's perfectly served in a Nabemono(hotpot). The beef is tender & tasty, as well as the vegetables. Yum!

Rating: 3.5

The Aspara-bacon, never fails to please everyone as usual, 
Moist and Cruncy bacon filled with Asparagus!All-time Favorite!
The Asparagus stalks are soft, and firmly placed inside the chewy bacon. Delicious!

Rating: 4.1/5

Also, Omakase has its own version of Tofu Steak (200 pesos). Looking at the picture makes me hungry!
Melt-in-your-mouth Tofu rolled with Perfectly cooked Beef Tenders, for only 200 pesos
I wasn't able to taste this one, because the moment it was served, the next picture I saw is an empty plate already.   So, that's a clear proof of how good it is.=)

Rating: 4.3/5

Our last order is the healthy side dish of Moyashi Itame (90 pesos), 
Sauteed beansprouts with carrots, squid, and meat. Good side dish for Japanese food! This is usually one of my must-order dishes whenever I eat in a Jap-place. And Omakase never failed me with their own yummy version.

Rating: 4.6/5

Overall, I can say that Omakase is one of the best Japanese restaurants in manila. They have average prices, that goes well with perfectly tasting Japanese food. Also, this is the first restaurant that I was able to order Hot Calamansi Juice in Teapot(~65 pesos).

After tasting this, it became my must-order drink in restaurants=)

The big question: Will I go back? Definitely yes! I'll bring my friends and family here!
So try Omakase now!

Captain Food

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Samurai Takoyaki - Marianne's favorite=)

Takoyaki- this is one of my favorite snacks whenever I'm in SM. It is a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, baby octopus, tempura scraps, and spices. A lot of stores have tried to create their own version but, my heart belongs to my one and only Samurai 's Takoyaki:

 Samurai Takoyaki, 32 pesos (yummy!)
It is different from the usual type you can see in most stores. It doesn't have Japanese mayo dressing. Instead, it uses a secret powdered seasoning that is quite salty and tasty at same time.

It is best to eat this while it's hot. Once you get a taste of'll never stop eating it! The filling is creamy in texture and has the right ratio of saltiness in the batter.

Samurai foodstall in SM Manila

 If you want to try it, it is available in almost all of SM's supermarket food stalls. I've tried it in SM Southmall, Bacoor, Manila and Megamall. I'm not that sure with other SM branches. If you know some of their stalls, you can share it in this blog.

try it and taste the difference!


Captain Food

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homebakers - Merceditas

Brazo de Mercedes - is a rolled cake composed of soft and puffy meringue filled with  creamy custard inside. This has been one of our family's favorite desserts eversince I was a little child.

When I was in Cebu, I mentioned this to my Excel family (Sir Erwin, Ate Mia, Mam Ely, and the rest of the them), and few days before I leave, I was surprised with their present...

A box of Merceditas (the name it was called, due to the fact that it is mini version of Brazo de Mercedes), from Homebakers, (a specialty, family business bakeshop)

Box of Merceditas,16 pcs, 330 pesos

Looks delicious right? here is the unboxed version,
Looks soft and fluffy and yummy right?
After receiving it, I nearly jumped with excitement because the pastry really looks enticing! I brought it to my family, and we ate it.... and the verdict? Champion! The Best Brazo de Mercedes that we have tasted so far! better than any of the famous cake stores like Goldilocks, & Red Ribbon).

The close-up shot,

I can't wait to eat it with one bite! creamy custard inside!

The meringue is really soft and has the melt-in-your-mouth-easily texture. It has the right sweetness that will convince you to eat more since you'll never get tired of it (promise!). The custard, is creamy, smooth, sweet, and characterized with a hint of lemon(i'm not sure if it has dayap rinds that added this flavor).

Curious? Then, try it if you happen to visit Cebu. As I know, it is near Fuente Osmena circle, and along the Mango Avenue. I'm not well informed of the location since as I said earlier it was given to me as a present.=)

If any of you knows the contact number or location, you can freely comment about it here so that other readers can experience its heavenly goodness.

Thanks Excel-Cebu family for this yummy experience! (and also for Excel Management for the whole Cebu teaching experience plus the stay at One Orange Dorm! ) we truly enjoyed it all! I'll definitely miss everything about this place and I hope I can go back to Cebu again.=)))