Tuesday, July 12, 2011

La Marea - warm brownie cup love (X_X)

Last week,we had a great one week vacation in Cebu. my first four days were spent for teaching and the last three days for Bohol tour.overall it was fun.

We arrived Sunday night. After unpacking our things, we immediately headed off to  IT Park to try some of the food recommendations by sir JJ. After having a superb dinner at Casa verde, we chilled a bit at La Marea.

La Marea's Warm Brownie cup
Warm Brownie cup, 95 pesos..YUMMY!

Ratings: 5/5
peanut butter warm brownie cup, 95 pesos
I can eat this everyday. The chocolate-yyy goodness of this dessert plus its warm, moist,creamy, and mouth-melting quality is so hard to resist. Also, it is not too sweet so you won't have a hard time consuming one serving. You might even order for more! It is topped with vanilla and chocolate fudge. This is the local version of the famous microwave chocolate cup. I just wonder what the ingredients are, because the combination of flavors is really delicious. Honestly, this is the top of my "favorite sweets list". When it comes to the price, i guess, 95 pesos is super worth it since the dish is super delicioso.

Everytime I see this picture, I tend to miss Cebu! Hopefully, they'll have a branch in Manila soon!

There are also other variations like the peanut butter warm brownie cup(my mom ordered this), 
The only difference with this is that it has choc-nut toppings and peanut butter filling.If you love PB, then you'll adore this variation just like how my mom loved it.

I forgot to take a picture of the white chocolate warm brownie cup. It is actually my favorite- white chocolate brownie, topped with creamy chocolate ice cream. You'll love how the milky goodness of the brownie blends with the chocolate ice cream.

We paired the brownies with peppermint tea-a perfect soothing drink
peppermint tea, 90 pesos, serves 3-4 people
Aside from their famous brownies, they also sell a wide list of desserts, 
Be mesmerized with this view window, 
sweetssssssss! love love
here's a closeup, 
moist cakes
the brownie cups in display, 
chocolate! the white chocolate variation is at the back.
another one, 
chiffon cake and coffee jelly
lastly, the chocolate cake
i wonder if this is also good...
one pastry that really caught our attention is their Brazo de Mercedes

just by merely looking, my taste buds are already telling me that it is sweet and delicious, and nice! too bad i wasn't able to try it our because we only visited the place twice, and everytime we go there, i can't resist myself in ordering the brownie cups.  Nevertheless, i promise to check it out very very soon! If you have tried it, you can comment about it =)
By the way, I forgot to mention that we also tried their lemon squares.
Lemon Squares, 60 pesos
They have way much much better lemon than Conti's or Mary Grace.  Glad to found one contender again and it was able to win the Best Lemon Square title. Why? It has soft pastry, that is buttery, and tasty, but not too sweet. It also has the tangy taste of lemon without overpowering the whole pastry. Try it out and taste it yourself to know the difference=) The price is definitely reasonable  considering that one pack is composed of 8 squares.

me, having a bite of lemon squares!
So i guess, this ends my La Marea chronicles. Enjoy the pictures and hungri-fy yourselves!=)
Have a sweet afternoon! <3

La Marea location.
The Walk(IT Park), Cebu City, beside Casa verde

Feel free to leave your comments/reactions/tips.I'd be very glad about it!=)


  1. you really love eating, don't you? eheheh! galing magsulat ni Ma'am Marianne! =)
    - The DJ - Empire Super Club

  2. very much! thanks the dj!=).
    eating is a great way to have fun and bond with your friends!

  3. hmmm... yup, eating with friends is better, but that will only add the desire for me to eat more, which I really don't want to happen. i used to weigh 170 lbs, but now my weight is on the 130-135 lbs range... and i really feel better and comfortable with my weight now... and to be honest, every time i visit your page to see if there's new, i felt very hungry. ahahaha!!! anyway, good job in writing, hope to see you featured in one of the local tv shows because of your blog! =)
    - The DJ - Empire Super Club

  4. Good and Honest Realization DJ.=)
    I think it's great that you were able to stay in a healthy range of weight now. Thanks for feeling hungry (since that means my blog is effective=))
    Hopefully I can share this interest to everyone out there! Cheers!

  5. yeah! actually, when i saw your blog, i then decided to ask my friend to go out that day. and we ended up eating at Army Navy, 'cause it was so long ago since the last time i visited that place. but the next day, i found myself running intensely for about 30 minutes just to burn those 3/4 pound bully boy burger that i've ordered. ahahah! yeah! you're blog is great, maybe you just have to blog more often so that the variety are very large... anyways, great job again ms. marianne. i'll just greet you personally if ever i saw you in excel. =)
    - The DJ - Empire Super Club


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