Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gelatissimo - Ice cream fun!

Ice cream.
this is really in demand during summer; nevertheless, even though it's cold and rainy, most people still opt for this as dessert. 

While I was in Cebu, I saw this new ice cream parlor .
Gelatissimo, SM City Cebu
 there are quite a lot of customers so we also looked at it. and what we saw was magical. (fireworks!fireworks!)...32 mouthwatering flavors. see and behold....

By the way, here's a good news: They offer free taste! taste all the 32 flavors if you want! grab this very good opportunity guys to smartly decide on which flavor to choose! in my case, I tried 6 flavors=)

window 1
top to bottom, left to right: rum&raisin, lemon cheesecake, chocmint, macadamia&caramel,
sugarfree chocolate, mango, mango&lime sorbet, mango &passionfruit sorbet..
window 2
top to bottom, left to right: macadamia&caramel(from window1), american chocolate, raspberry,
rockmelon, choc hazelnut, mango cream &passionfruit sorbet(from window1),
mango cream & berry ripple, mango cream&coconut,pistachio, coconut
window 3
top to bottom,left to right: Biscottino, Green tea, Strawberry, Chocolate,Chili Chocolate,
 Guava, Coffee, Roasted Almond.
window 4
top to bottom, left to right: Milk?, Hazelnut, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu,
Forest Berries, Vanilla, Green Apple, Cookies&cream?

so there! do you already feel your feet pulling you to the nearest Gelatissimo store?

It is not your normal ice cream by the way. It is one of the brands on the higher end.  Since it is my first time,I ordered not only 1 scoop, but the trio combination, for 180 pesos...yummy! Actually, I plan to taste all the 32 flavors before the end of this year 2011.
Chili Chocolate, Mango Cream and Berry Ripple, and
Nocciola (hazelnut, my favorite!), 180 pesos, 3 scoops
on the other hand, my sister ordered 1 scoop of hazelnut plus warm chocolate brownie as crust
warm brownie topped with a scoop of nocciola, 95 pesos
My comment? 

I absolutely love Gelatissimo! <3.  if you are game for more calories, (compared with frozen yogurt),yet better taste... then eat here!

First, for the Nocciola (Hazelnut ice cream) - a very rich and creamy version of the flavor. It tastes almost like Amici's own rendition, but this is better because I can still trace the itsy bitsy effect of hazelnut up to the last scoop. It is not too sweet, nor too plain. ratings: 5/5

The Chili Chocolate, stands the same with Nocciola. This is my first time to try this flavor, and I'm really glad I do so because now, it is also my favorite. If you'd offer me Chili Chocolate + Nocciola, I'd hug you tight, grab and eat it rightaway! Maybe you're wondering Chili + Chocolate?weird combination. is weird, unique, and irresistible! At first taste, you can only feel the dark chocolate melting in your mouth. After a few seconds, the after taste of Chili comes. And that's my favorite part! Try it! ratings: 5/5

Last is the Mango Cream & Berry Ripple-the only non-chocolate flavor in my cup. I liked the way it tastes, but just a so-so for me. Maybe it was overpowered by the first two, so I wasn't able to appreciate its simplicity. It is just a creamy mango flavor, with bits of raspberry flavor. If you're on the fruitier side, maybe, you can choose this.=) ratings:3.5/5

For the warm chocolate brownie with nocciola, the brownie itself for me lacks moisture. The way I expect it is just like La Marea's, but they failed to do's more on the kfc brownie style. It doesn't add plus points so if you're simply looking for ice cream, then you can skip the brownie trial mode.=)ratings: 4/5

This is our Gelatissimo experience! Here's a pricelist for you if ever you're interested..
Here's a souvenir photo that I took after getting my order..
Me with a satisfied smile of my trio cup.
Do I recommend it? Of course, yes! bring your friends, and loved ones here, chill, and have a sweet day!
They also have branches here in Manila so you can try it! By the way, thanks to our friends Fang who told us about this place...



==> Greenbelt5
==> Serendra
==> Trinoma
==>SM City Cebu


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  2. food fairy sarap ng ice cream... pag nakapasa ko bibili din ako niyan...............

  3. yep!sige work hard for it!masarap yan pramis=)

  4. Ang sarap ng mga nasa picture! :D

  5. nice meeting you today Marianne! :)

  6. @janine, yep..mouthwatering!=)

    @roch: it was an honor to meet a bigtime blogger like you!dream come true=))))

  7. same sentiments. Nocciola was also my favorite! i also loved the white chocolate though a little on the sweet side.

    nga pla.. hi marianne! haha


  8. @babyshy: wow! that's good news! love ice creaaam!

  9. James! great! nocciola has a special effect sa tastebuds that makes me crave for more! i'll try the white choc. next time since ok ang review mo=)

    never thought na foodie kapala!until now=)


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