Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stavros! Affordable Greek Escapade

Every morning, I enjoy talking with our expat/coach about food...just a sort of chilling out in the morning. One time, he mentioned a place that serves good Greek salad (with lotsa Feta cheese) that has the right amount of everything...and so I tried  Stavros =)

This Greek restaurant is located at the restaurant lane of Festival Mall,just beside Racks.
The place is simple, and clean. No luxurious decors or extravagant ambiance. Just the right setup for a peaceful and light dinner.

Upon seeing the menu, I immediately smiled. It has a fairly low price compared with Cyma, a famous Greek restau at Alabang Town Center.

We ordered Greek salad for appetizer
Greek Salad
This dish has the right amount of everything-greek dressing, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, and greens. It can serve 2 people sumptuously. Healthy living indeed.

Ratings: 4/5

We also tried the Chicken gyro, 90 pesos
Chicken Gyro, Just like a chicken shawarma
Their chicken gyro is simple, yummy, but not great. If you're hungry you can eat the whole order; if not, you might think twice, since for me, it lacks flavor. Too much inclined on the healthy side that it already lacks the taste & the chicken itself lacks spice and sauce.

Rating: 3.7/5

Lastly, the Moussaka (Greek Lasagna)
Moussaka, 175 pesos. See the loads of cheese?
Their moussaka is great!I love this one compared with Cyma's luxurious version. It's meaty and tasty all at the same time. The staff told me, that this is actually their bestseller, so i made the right choice. Nevertheless, I'd still prefer a lasagna from Greenwich (so far, the best). 

Rating: 4/5

So there, here is the cheaper alternative for a Greek experience if in case you are craving. 
Good day gods and goddesses!=)

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