Saturday, June 25, 2011

Army Navy- Mission Accomplished!

Burgers, fries, and everything nice.  Army Navy , is really one of our favorite places. Almost everything in their menu is comfort food, and honestly, we've tried 'em all. 

For appetizer, we are supposed to try the Onion Rings, but they're not available so we ordered Freedom Fries instead, 65 pesos.
Freedom Fries, 65 pesos
Guys!these fries are good! They will definitely set you free! Crunchy, and tasty!  I remember Popeye's fries while eating this since they both have the same oh-so-good qualities. Spread ketchup all over and a perfect appetizer/ side dish! 

Ratings: 5/5

The burger, classic, single quarter pound
Covered. Surprise inside.=)
Here's the surprise inside...
Bully Burger, 145 pesos, photo taken by: Jon Zuniga
The burger has the same standing with Brother's Burger, or Hotshots. I love the fact that it has enough vegetables, and the cheese (additional topping worth 30 pesos) was able to contribute well to the overall impact of the food. The bread with sesame seeds on top, is great! It comes with the right softness and crunchiness on the outside. Lastly, the burger patty is juicy, and not oily. Oh, no wonder why so many people are eating at Army Navy- Westgate branch.

Ratings: 5/5

We also ordered Chicken Burrito, 145 pesos
Chicken Burrito, 145 pesos
This is actually my first time to eat Burrito- Flour Tortilla filled with meat, Spanish rice, beans, onions, lettuce and cilantro, served with salsa and slice of lime. The result?great! I was surprised that the taste of chicken is overpowering that it was able to add enough flavor for the tortilla and rice. To add more flavor, top it with salsa and the special Army Navy sauce(the best!), and this will surely be a hit!Curious?try it! trust me!


Next is the Cheese Quesadilla, 
Cheese Quesadilla, 95 pesos
My favorite so far! If you're an avid reader (I hope so, there's someone.haha!) probably you know that I love cheese. This is the reason why I love Army Navy's version of Quesadilla. It has lots of cheese inside! Yummy! Get one slice, top it with salsa and the special Army Navy dressing, then Bite! Whoala! Cheese heaven!=)

Ratings: 5/5

Open-faced version of Quesadilla,- Querida Mia!(Baja, which means "vegetarian" flavor).
Super duper cheesy snack! Love love love! Photo taken by: Jon Zuniga
Querida Mia is as heavenly as their Quesadilla. cannot say more, just order it, and you'll surely fall in love with it.

Ratings: 5/5

Lastly, the Soft Tacos (Steak)
Soft tacos (steak), 145 pesos
Three Small Soft Flour tortillas filled with meat, onions, and cilantro, served with salsa and slice of lime. 

This is the cute and mini version of Shawarma. I love its taste especially when topped with salsa. It's just that the meat is not that tender for me. I hope it's as juicy like the burger patty. overall, this one's fine.

Ratings: 3.5/5

 For the drinks, the famous Libertea, 
Libertea, 65 iced tea ever. Photo taken by: Jon Zuniga
I love their Libertea! It comes with the healthy level of sweetness, and it's naturally brewed!Cool right!? i can drink a liter, or gallon of this, provided it has tons of ice! haha! 

Ratings: 5/5

All of their dishes becomes perfect when topped with hot sauce or hot green sauce-
Photo taken by: Jon Zuniga
So there, our whole Army Navy experience. If you'll eat here, make sure that you have enough space alloted since, this is one heavy dining place! Here's our souvenir photo at the place=)
Sister Soldiers @ Army Navy

Value for Money: 4.5/5
Value for taste: 4.8/5
Am I going back? YES. I'll try out the remaining items in the menu like Starving Sailor,  Onion Rings, and Chicken.


Soldier Marianne, signing off.

Stavros! Affordable Greek Escapade

Every morning, I enjoy talking with our expat/coach about food...just a sort of chilling out in the morning. One time, he mentioned a place that serves good Greek salad (with lotsa Feta cheese) that has the right amount of everything...and so I tried  Stavros =)

This Greek restaurant is located at the restaurant lane of Festival Mall,just beside Racks.
The place is simple, and clean. No luxurious decors or extravagant ambiance. Just the right setup for a peaceful and light dinner.

Upon seeing the menu, I immediately smiled. It has a fairly low price compared with Cyma, a famous Greek restau at Alabang Town Center.

We ordered Greek salad for appetizer
Greek Salad
This dish has the right amount of everything-greek dressing, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, and greens. It can serve 2 people sumptuously. Healthy living indeed.

Ratings: 4/5

We also tried the Chicken gyro, 90 pesos
Chicken Gyro, Just like a chicken shawarma
Their chicken gyro is simple, yummy, but not great. If you're hungry you can eat the whole order; if not, you might think twice, since for me, it lacks flavor. Too much inclined on the healthy side that it already lacks the taste & the chicken itself lacks spice and sauce.

Rating: 3.7/5

Lastly, the Moussaka (Greek Lasagna)
Moussaka, 175 pesos. See the loads of cheese?
Their moussaka is great!I love this one compared with Cyma's luxurious version. It's meaty and tasty all at the same time. The staff told me, that this is actually their bestseller, so i made the right choice. Nevertheless, I'd still prefer a lasagna from Greenwich (so far, the best). 

Rating: 4/5

So there, here is the cheaper alternative for a Greek experience if in case you are craving. 
Good day gods and goddesses!=)

Feel free to leave your comments/ suggestions/ reactions.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chewy Junior-Cream Puff Craze

It's rainy.It's cold.  In times like this, we always want to eat our comfort foods-pizza, cake, chocolate, cheese, salad, spaghetti, or whatever you like. In my case, my  comfort food is anything SWEET.

So, while walking at Greenbelt 3, (after a job interview), I remembered one of my friends from Singapore (Bobby). He posted in facebook that there is a famous doughnut store in their place that sells really delicious doughnuts-or must I say cream puffs...none other than Chewy Junior!

Let the pictures tell the story..

Their branch at Greenbelt 3. Small, but great!they have an oven with baking tools so you are assured to have a freshly baked cream puff...

the mouthwatering display ....YUMMY!

our first order. Almond Sweetheart, Choco  Almond Sweetheart, and Choco Eclair (119 pesos, box of three)

Second batch of orders, box of 6 for 229 pesos (from MOA branch, near White Hat store), now with Cheesy Ensaymada.

me, taking a girly bite of my favorite Cheesy Ensaymada.

The verdict? Chewy Junior proves to be a really good place for cream puffs. Its crust is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The custard inside is very delicious! it's not that sweet, and the texture is smooth. The toppings? No questions are needed to be asked. It completes the overall impact of Chewy Junior's cream puffs. They have to 2 general varieties. Chocolate and Vanilla based. For me, I prefer the vanilla ones since I can eat more of these without getting tired of it. The chocolate variety is also good. It's just that when I choose Chocolate, i can only eat one. 

The consistency might vary from one branch to another. For example, the Cheesy Ensaymada that I have tasted from Greenbelt, is just composed of plain custard; the ones from MOA has a taste of peanut or chocnut in it. Also, the bread from GB3 is more chewy than MOA. Maybe it depends upon the delivery. Nevertheless, both are delicious. Chewy Junior is still Chewy Junior. Well known in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc..

Go to your nearest Chewy Junior branches now!=)