Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nanos---pizza and pasta

Pizza and pasta - a very common food . name it-parties, celebrations, and even a simple lunch or dinner, you can bet that most will prefer to have either of these 2 dishes.

Tracing back its origins, pizza and pasta have been a part of Italian diet ever since. That is the reason why, nowadays, if you want to get a taste of "true" and "divine" pizza and pasta, then go to Italy.  (and it is actually one of the dreams that I've listed in my bucket list =P)

Yesterday, as we stroll around SM Manila, we saw this new restau beside the foodcourt and Salazar bakery. The ambiance is just right for having a snack in the middle of the afternoon. It seems comfy and conducive for friendly meetups or chats. and so, my sister and I, tried it.
The store header. Cute right?

The counter.

At first glance, we immediately compared it with Sbarro. The setup, and menu almost looked the same. I actually asked the staff about it, and they said that they are not related with the store in any way.

Dining area. so comfy and cute.the store is shining new.

Since, it is about 2:30, we ordered 1 white cheese pizza, and 1 spaghetti, for sharing.

white cheese pizza, 85 pesos
Ratings: 3.8 out of 5
The pizza crust is a little thick for my standards. I think, white cheese pizzas are more effective when paired with a thin crust because in that way, the combination of different cheese dominates. In this version, since the bread is a little thick, you get the taste of cheese only at the beginning, then it immediately fades out. 

Nevertheless, their flavor is good, without the overpowering effect of margarine (or butter), that is being used by other stores. It tastes like light cheese. Another plus point is that the crunchy bottom of the crust adds texture, and you can actually eat it plainly.but of course, having the cheese toppings is a far greater option.

Spaghetti, 99 pesos

Ratings: 3 out of 5
The pasta is well cooked-al dente. For the sauce, we preferred combining white and red sauce. The outcome is good but not highly commendable. When you take your first bite, tomato and cream mixes in your mouth but the spices are not strong enough to cause an outburst of taste. it is more on the Italian side of spaghetti than the ones we usually eat from Mcdonalds or KFC. There is a little or almost no trace of ketchup in it.The sauce needs to be more thick in texture so that it doesn't run over the pasta. On the brighter side, we still managed to clean our pasta plate in the end. 

Btw, the garlic bread that comes with it is good!Fresh garlic rubbed together with parmesan and parsley  forms a tasteful combination! I absolutely loved this side dish.

So that's it. They actually have several other flavors of pizza like pepperoni, hawaian, meat deluxe, etc. For the pasta, they have the Ziti, which most people prefer. Rice bowls (with chicken, fish, and other meat toppings) are also included in their menu. 

Overall, the price is on the higher end of average category. The taste is good. But if you are more keen of the combination of flavors, then you might prefer other Italian food stalls.

Question: Are we going to come back? I'm still not sure of this. Until now, I'm still in search for the best pizza and pasta in the town, and no store has managed to cross my excellent level yet. However, aybe if i'm hungry, and crave for something italian, then i can consider Nanos as one of my food choices.


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