Thursday, May 5, 2011

Have you tried SEx? (Sinangag Express)

Just to share one of my embarassing moments,

One time, when I was in college, a close friend asked me,
"Gutom ka? Tara, SEx tayo!". 

Upon hearing this, my heart suddenly pounded. My mind is saying
"Oh no!What's happening?What does he mean by SEx?"

I simply replied, "Ha?!?!!", while blushing.

and he answered a wild series of laughters, and explained.
"SEx means Sinangag Express. It is a restaurant located along Taft which caters really good food especially the (prefix) + silog variants."

And everything became clear to me. Our friendship was not over after all.Haha!

Today, since, we are at Las Pinas, and it is quite late, I asked my parents to try Sex. Upon hearing the words, they were also in shock; of course, I immediately explained the acronym to them. =P

The place is so nice. It is  surrounded with bamboo and is well-ventilated. Here are some pictures:

The front view, with my mom on the left corner =P

The menu, 
Menu, with the reasonable prices

One very good additional point for this place is the price. Yeah, the PRICE IS RIGHT. It is actually cheap considering the nice place(clean and soothing) + good food + commendable service. Just look at the menu and you can see that the Tapsilog(bestseller) meal is only 60 pesos, together with the other common Silog meals. No wonder why this serves as a favorite student hangout.

For appetizer, we had our dessert - Chilled Taho(25 pesos). (confusing, but, we craved for sweets so we ate it already before the main meal)
anyone?Chilled taho(25 pesos)

The Chilled Taho is the same with all the other chilled taho'sss out there (especially the ones being sold at Mapua canteen). Of course it is cold, and yummy.

My Mom and Dad both ordered Tapsilog (60 pesos), which is their Bestseller,
Tapsilog (60 pesos)

Upon having their first bite, they both uttered same words: "It has same taste with Maty's Tapa of Don Galo". Just for your info- (Don Galo is the home of great tapa here in Manila. They say that it is made from Horse meat, but up to now, I still haven't confirmed it yet.).

So, I also tried to have a taste, and I was able to prove it myself. Their Tapsilog is one of the best I had (along with Binalot's Taparapsarap, and Maty's).

On the other hand, I ordered Bangusilog(60 pesos)

Bangusilog, 60 pesos

Since I am a fish-lover, I again opted for this meal. I always order daing na bangus in Chowking, or in carenderia, or anywhere, especially, when I am confused of what to order. Just a trivia, when I was a kid, this is my favorite viand, and I can eat 2 full plates of rice, when my mom cooks Daing na Bangus.No wonder where I got my circular built =D

Going Back to Sex, their Bangus is well-cooked.Crispy on the outside, but juicy on th inside. It is not dry. Simply delicious. A simple meal with a great taste.  Just to add, their fried garlic rice is good. I love the garlic bits mixed with rice.Yumyum!

So there, finally I was able to write a review about this SEx Crave. 

Next time you get hungry, just tell to your friends, "Tara! SEx tayo." =)

You can also try their other branches:

Sinangag ExpressPedro Gil(02) 526-6992


  1. maam.. my bf and i tried SEx.. haha ang sarap pla kumain dun.. hahahaha at dhil po sa inyo yun kaya nipuntahan nmen.. hehehe --reviewee from excel.. ^^

  2. wow!so you enjoyed it?!masarap dba and mura lang.saka ung SEx places ay usually cozy.glad you liked it! i'll posts more places soon na pde kau magbond!=)

  3. may ganto palang kainan... nice discovery mam!

  4. go lng maam.. ang saya nga po eh.. pati po un chewy junior.. i love the ensaymada and cookies and cream.. hehe ^^

  5. @markamps, yep! cheap but good food= great find! try mo nadin!ung tapa nila!yummy!

  6. true! chewy junior, 1 of my fave ung ensaymada cheesy.cookies and cream, itry ko din yan sa susunod


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