Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zero Degrees-be cool this summer!

It's hot. You can feel your sweat slowly dripping from your forehead. 
While walking outside, all you can see is a mirage of everything...

Guys!It's Summer!Time to wear those tank tops and short shorts (diet first for me.=P).Also, this is the BEST time to eat ICE CREAM! here's a place I can be proud of recommending:


ZeroDegrees offers great tasting shaved ice cream, with an affordable price. Here's a picture of what I careful, this is mouth-watering....
(isn't it cute and lovely?)
I tried something unique for the combination of ice cream and fruit. Coffee Ice cream (35 pesos), added with Lychee fruit (+20 pesos),actually taste good. I don't know if you'll believe me, but it really is. Their ice cream, is different from the usual ones, since it is made from crushed flavored ice. The free topping, which is Yogurt Pearl Burst (it is like a liquid sac, with yogurt juice inside, which will burst inside your mouth once you eat it), adds the twist. I had fun bursting the pearls in my mouth.haha! For a total of 55 pesos, plus the very good aura of the place itself, this is definitely worth it!

my sister preferred ordering the Strawberry variety,
The taste of their strawberry is not highly recommended. I'm a fan of Strawberry sundae, but I guess, this one is a bit inclined on the artificially flavored ones. Nevertheless, we still managed to clean our bowls, and plan for visiting it next time  we crave for something sweet and cold.

Zero Degrees offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from such as Mango, Vanilla, Chocolate, and many more. You can pair this with toppings like cookies, choco drops, chocolate, and fruits. Aside from ice cream, they are also offering Kakigori Ice (Japanese version of halo-halo), mainly composed of pearls, gulaman, and crushed ice.

Enjoy the Summer guys!Chill!
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Kopi Roti - a superb stress-buster place

Last Monday, was an epic.It was the last day of our board exams...Finally!
Allow me first to tell you a short story.Please?
 4 months of sleepless nights, book readings, coffee and Cobra Smart (a local energy drink) madness, & we're off the hook...(we just have to experience the 2-3 longest days of our lives, waiting for the final results)..=) God Bless us all.
Party?..  Swimming? ..Out of Town?.. or better be, Retreat?
Maybe, these are all  lining up in your minds guys..but for me, it will definitely be Food Trip! CaptainFood will be active again!Yey!

As an appetizer, here's a review of Kopi Roti

After taking the exam, me and my sister went to St.Jude for prayers, then went straight ahead to Mall of Asia. Since my palate is in search for something relaxing to wash the stress away, we entered this Singaporean Coffee Shop.

Just a little bit of trivia, "Roti"  is generally a South Asian bread made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour, that originated and is consumed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.(thanks Wikipedia)!

I ordered Hot Tea, Kaya toast, and Soft Boiled Eggs.
Home Made "Roti" Kaya Toast, 55 pesos, 4 pcs

my toast explored. It has Kaya jam, and butter inside
The toast is great. If you like eating bread with coco jam, then, this will be a hit for you.The crustless bread itself is toasted equally well. The butter inside managed to blend with the taste of Kaya Jam, without overpowering each otherAs for the sweetness level, out of 10, it is a 6. Immediately above the neutral zone, making it perfect for a light snack.

Here's a shot for the soft boiled eggs,
Soft Boiled Eggs, 35 pesos
From the name itself, it is simply soft boiled egg, with a bit of seasoning (soy sauce i guess?). It may not look  well in the picture, since, it was already mixed. It taste fine, but not highly recommended. Personally, out of 5 stars, an average of 2.5 will do.

The hot tea with milk is a basic hot version of the Milk Tea. The leafy taste was partly covered by the sweetened milk (condensed, I guess?). If you're tired of coffee, then try this.

The Tea with Milk (60 pesos) goes perfectly well with the Kaya Toast. Cheers!
(sorry for the picture, I can't rotate it..)
Next time, I'll post some reviews for their famous Kopi Bun. As for now, here's a link for their yummy menu with prices. They have Combo's if you prefer to have numerous snacks at one seating.

Kopi RotiSM Mall of Asia

Central Business Park, Bay Blvd., Bay City
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-0213

Cheers!Enjoy your Tea=)
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