Saturday, December 31, 2011

Captain Food's Top 10 for 2011

2011 has been a great year for me in my food blogging career. I was able to write regularly and share both good pictures and reviews. I'm also glad that I've gained cool followers and friends who share same enthusiasm and excitement with me when it comes to foods.. 

So before saying goodbye to 2011, let me share with you my top 10 food./ drink favorites (considering both taste, and price).

TOP 10 - Korea Garden's Bibimpop
 -this Korean dish is simply lovely and of course healthy.  For me it represents an authentic Korean Bibimpop.  Lastly, I like the fresh ingredients used and the tasty hot red sauce.

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 9 -  Omakase's Calamansi Juice

-since I love citrus drinks, this one tops my list. It's delicious, hot, and sour. Perfect for a rainy/ cold weather + chit chat with a loved one.

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 8 -  Mac Deli's Vigan Empanada

-bring Vigan into Manila, and here's what you've got. Savor the green Papaya strips and egg inside a crunchy empanada crust!

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 7 -  Mr. Kimbob's Bibimbob

-I'm a big fan of Korean food, so it's the reason why 2 of my top 10 are actually Bibimpop! This rendition of Mr. Kimbob introduces meat steak as the meat instead of the usual ground beef.

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 6 -  Army Navy's Chicken Burrito

-Burrito is new to my food vocabulary, but Army Navy definitely created a masterpiece that gives full flavor wrapped in a clean white tortilla. Add lots of spices and it's a sure hit!

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 5 -  Sonja's Smores

-My love for graham added with creamy marshmallow and soft crust made my knees wobbly. (^_^)

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 4 -  KFC Egg Tarts

-These flaky egg tarts are fantastic! Sad thing they're not available here in Philippines and we have to wait for China/ Hongkong trips to buy them. 

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP 3 -  Casa Verde's Brian's Baby Back Ribs
-Give way to Cebu's very own Casa Verde Brian Ribs. Be full with a big slab of ribs plus a tasteful meat! I was able to eat 5 orders of this in my 7 day stay in Cebu--and never got tired of its taste!

-no post yet. wait for it!

TOP 2 - Samurai's  Takoyaki

-Everytime I visit SM grocery, I always order this! Priced at 29 pesos, enjoy the true flavor of Takoyaki. Not like your traditional type with mayo. This one has a yummy red sauce plus a powdery secret which makes it awesome!

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

TOP  1 - Apartment 1B's Grilled Blue Marlin with Pesto Pasta

-My top 1's quite pricey, but once you get a taste of it , you'll feel its worthiness! I fell in love with Apartment 1b's version of pesto pasta. Al dente texture +  pesto flavor + cheesy topping! On the other hand, the Blue Marlin is juicy and fresh as if it was catched before it was served in your table. 

-Here is the link to my blog about it >>> click here.

So that's my 2011 Top 10! Now, I'm really really excited for the coming 2012. I know I'm still up to more food explorations with my friends and family, and I'll definitely share this to all of you! To give a sneak are my target food places to try this coming year of the dragon.

a.) Momo
b.) Robot
c.) Sisig Hooray
d.) My Thai
e.) Little Tokyo restaurants
f.) Korean restaurants 

if you have great Food places to share, feel free to leave a comment so that I can try it! I'd be very happy to try what suits your taste!

Before I end this post, i'd like to give my THANK YOU  to all of the readers/ bloggers/students/friends who have continually supported Captain Food. More food trips for all of us :)

Now, what is your top 10 ?

Captain Food

Manang's Chicken - Pinoy version of Bon Chon!

Bon Chon is one of my favorite chicken-it is delicious and super flavorful! So when I've heard about Manang's Chicken, I got curious, and immediately ordered 2 pcs for lunch.

Manang's Chicken,2 pcs, extra spicy with rice (136 pesos)
I'm super excited to open this!

the chicken is big and looks appetizing!

Here's a closeup-
Mouthwatering chicken!

So for the verdict-is it really comparable with Bon Chon?

Answer: Yes. Above average comparison (out of 100% approximately, 88% compatibility)

Let me list down the reasons.

a.) Skin/Crust - Bon Chon has a slightly sweeter taste than extra spicy version of Manang's (possible because I ordered the spicy variety.) For spicy food lovers, I'd recommend Manang's since it will really satisfy the desire of your taste buds. On a crunchiness level, both are good.

b.) Fillet- Bon Chon has a more flavorful fillet for me. This doesn't mean that Manang's is not tasty- it is as well, but on a matter of level, with 5 as the highest, Bon Chon= 5, Manang's=4

c.) Price- Both stores have nearly same price of ~ 100, so almost equal.

Oh well. You can catch Manang's Chicken crew in the famous food markets of Mercato, Soderno, and Distrito. You can also avail of their delivery service (which I did). Just call (02) 921-5907, (02) 584-8848, (0922) 842-7759. or refer to this site for more info------>>> click here

Captain Food

Sisig OK! - CBGF Post #1 (Cheap But Good Food)

Introducing to you my CBGF series
-a series of posts featuring cheap but great food finds around Manila and nearby places.

Good food can be found anywhere, and price doesn't dictate its taste. So let me share with you one of the best Sisig I've ever tried...thanks to my friend Sir Amboy for introducing it to us..

Sisig Ok! is a mini store near Mcdonalds (morayta ..i think?). A lot of people (especially students) love to eat here because of cheap price and tasteful sisig.

I ordered Chicken Sisig with rice (50 pesos). They also have Pork Sisig (50 pesos), and Tuna Sisig (50 pesos).
Chicken Sisig, 50 pesos ---feeling hungry eh? extra rice please...

Let me enumerate with you the points that I love about this version:

a.) Perfect Lunch. it goes well with rice because it is really really tasteful. Personally, I love it being seasoned with chili soy sauce. Yum!
b.) Less fat. Their chicken variety is a healthy choice if you feel guilty about the fatty pork liempo.
c.) Cheap. Your 50 pesos will definitely make your stomach full and tastebuds satisfied--leaving you craving for more.

Ohhh..and now I'm feeling hungry. Please give me one now? 
Wait for the pork and tuna sisig review. The next time I get the chance to try it out, I'll post my judgement with some pictures. 

Watch out for more CAPTAIN FOOD escapades with a LESSER price this 2012! Good food for all! Cheers!

Captain Food

Friday, December 30, 2011

Domino's Pizza -pizza + lava cake

Pizza is always a crowd-favorite. it is a comfort food that everyone loves! Personally, I'm a big fan.

Since I'm tired of the usuals ( Greenwich, Yellowcab, Pizzahut, ), we decided to try Domino's Pizza! We ordered Hawaiian, thin crust, 7 inches for 299 pesos.

Guess what's in the box? (kudos to the great packaging-contrasting + festive colors)

Open the box!

and finally, here's the pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza, 7", 299 cheese :(

Honestly, the moment i saw this, I got disappointed. Why is it that there's no cheese? Cheese is the heart of a pizza. So I've talked with the staff, a told me that it is really how they make their pizza. 

So as not to put 300-peso worth of food into nothing, we still ate it. The crust is simply like a toasted bread. Overall, add the taste of sauce and toppings, it is not good. Sad, but true. Nevertheless, I'll still be giving Domino's a chance-one of these days I'm planning to try their Cheese Mania of Doubledecker 9to ensure, that the flavor I'll order has a cheese).

For dessert, we ordered their Lava Cake, 49 pesos
yummy lolove-LAVA cake
Fortunately, this made us happy. For a low price, the quality and taste of their lava cake is really good (comparable to Cyma's). It is semi-sweet and really moist (look the picture as a proof).

So this ends our Domino experience. Quite sad-but of course as I said, everybody deserves a second chance. Domino's pizza is really famous, but maybe not as good as it was before..


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DISTRITO Makati - Holiday midnight foodtrip

It is the age of midnight market. Go to Taguig and there you'll find Midnight Mercato. Drive to Alabang, and Soderno will welcome you. Finally, walk through the busy streets of Makati, and eat @ Distrito.

I've tried the three places. Now, let me put into focus Distrito Makati! you can also wait for my entries about Mercato and Soderno.

The stores are pretty much the same for all. The primary difference is the ambiance + number of participating stores. here are some pictures...enjoy and be hungry--fied!

YummyCheesy potatoes from Mad About Spuds (with bacon bits + drizzled with cheese)! (50 pesos/ cup)

Potatoes! my ultimate weakness!

Tapa that looks good...(with unique varieties)

Tapa -Tapat, Orig, and Tuna varieties.

Who can't resist crunchy pork skin?

crunch crunch crunch!....sinful treat!

Of course, the famous Vigan empanada (i really really love this! ) 
Vigan empanada- native is the best! Love this! 5 stars :)
Mac's Deli-Vigan empanada is a perfect snack. Crunchy on the outside-then, as you take your first bite, you can feel  the burst of simple but unique flavors blended well. Add the fact that it is healthy and truly Filipino.Thumbs up! 5 stars for you!

the Authentic "manang" creates it for everyone
Cool! :)
Paella----classic food with a twist! looks tasty !

toppings + flavorful looks!
the famous burgers ( i love the cheese-filled type)! see the flame? 

Sizzling hot!
finally...sweets!...who wants some brownies!
chocolate-yyy goodness!

another shot-looks like creamy white chocolate cheesecake!

creamy white chocolate!

here is our personal favorite... Roti! (ham and cheese flavor.)
Super love roti! this type has tons of cheese and ham!fully loaded*
Papa Roti's version adds several varieties, which makes it more enticing to buyers. This ham and cheese rendition is really really good. Why? here's the formula

CRUNCHY outside roti +  
CHEWY texture + 
JUST the right flavor of roti + 
LOADS of ham & cheese = 

Do you wonder how they make it ? here's a shot in action!
Ate in action, creating Roti.
So what are you waiting for? Visit Distrito now! Hopefully, they will still extend this after New year... 

Important Note:
You still have 1 day to go (last day is Dec.30) and experience Distrito Makati! it is located in the parking lot of Makati Medical center., from 9pm-3 am.have fun!  Happy New Year!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sonja's cupcakes-cute, lovely, and sweet treats!

Few weeks back, we decided to spend midnight at Serendra-trying out the super famous Sonja's cupcakes!

Sonja's cupcakes, Serendra. great place, great food
Without further a do---let me present to you the majestic pictures (WARNING: Prepare a tissue, because it is  mouthwatering. )
Flourless Chocolate Cupcake, 100 pesos
Flourless Chocolate cupcake! At first glance-so plain. But take note, this kills with goodness! A bite of it will tell you that it is more of a soft chocolate than a cupcake consistency. It is semi-sweet (which I really love), and melts in your mouth. For the price, it is quite expensive for 100 pesos, but if you are curious, and a definite choc-lover, then try it!

Rating: 4/5

Red Velvet, 75 pesos
Red Velvet! Sonja's version is simple, but powerful! I love the creamy, slightly salty frosting that they offer, since it will prevent you from getting used with the taste. Also, the cupcake itself, is not sweet-making it a good pair with the frosting. Based from our observation, almost 8 out of 10 buyers order these cupcakes-proving that it is a must-try! So what are you waiting for?

**Just a note: If you want to taste this at its optimum stage, better eat it right after buying, or before putting it into the refrigerator. For me, it becomes sweeter and harder when placed in cold storage, and I prefer its creamy texture when it is in room temperature.

Rating: 4/5

I bought 3 boxes for my mom, dad, and sister-

Red Velvets!creamy frosting!Yum Yum!

Flourless Chocolate Cupcake(top), and Smores Cupcake(bottom)
The Smores cupcakes is the top choice of my whole family! The pastry has a milky + graham flavor. The filling is a semi-sweet chocolate, and the topping is a roasted marshmallow. Overall, it has the right sweetness, softness, and combination of flavors! The moment I tasted it, I don't know what to say actually-plainly speechless.

Ratings: 5/5

Vanilla cupcakes , 55 pesos, (top). Lemon cupcake (bottom left), and red velvet, (bottom right)
I didn't really like the Vanilla cupcakes, since I'm more fond of chocolate flavor. Nevertheless, it still has the right sweetness level. The frosting is just quite plain and simple for me.

Ratings: 3/5

The lemon cupcake, is sour and sweet! If you are tired of the usual sweet cakes, then, this might be a hit for you!

Ratings: 3.5/5

here are the pictures of the cupcakes (which I haven't tried yet)
Strawberry Cupcakes!Hopefully, I can try you SOON!

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes! So white, cookie-looking goodness!
In total, Sonja's offers a comfy place in the heart of the city, while providing sweet classic treats to everyone. The special thing about them is that they have good and wide range of flavors, plus the fact that their cakes are not too sweet-just the right level.

Will I go back? definitely, YES! I' still up for the challenge to try everything displayed in their menu! Try it also, and share the goodness of cupcake with your family and loved ones :)


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sonya's Garden-Yummy Spanish Bread

Tagaytay is quite near from our place-around 45 minutes-so whenever we want to chill a bit, rock ourselves out, and bond, we go there.  I've never been to Sonya's , but based from the feedback from my colleagues, it's a fairly good place where you can be free from the huge buzz of the city.

From the entrance, we met Aldo-Sonya's dog! He is big, but very tame & sweet. Here are some pictures
Aldo, with his red ribbon

 I remembered seeing Aldo following men who are eating Spanish bread. it seems that he really loves it and even makes a cute stand and form just to entice the visitors to give him bread.! Cute right?
After playing with Aldo, we went straight to the Panaderia to get some Spanish bread for Merienda!
The Spanish bread cost, 120 per pack (10 pieces). Definitely a must-try! I'd go to Tagaytay just to have a taste of it :)
Spanish bread-120 pesos for 10 pcs

Spanish bread! lovely scene! I want some please?
It is not your ordinary Spanish bread. Instead of margarine, the filling is made of cheese and butter. Not so sweet. Just the right combination of saltiness, and sweetness. The bread likewise is high-end. It is fluffy, and not air-filled. The crumbs outside add a texture that is sooo desirable! Please give me some now?Please?

Finally, here are our pictures!-- at the wonderful resting spots of Sonya's-
Me, enjoying the light shadows of the vines-
My mom and dad feeling the rays of sunlight-
 @ the comfy white spot

Are we going back? Definitely! Next time, we'll try to spend a weekend and fully relax. I think Sonya's Garden really offers good packages, and experience for all, and so CaptainFood is up to the challenge to discover it. Wait for my post about it ! :)

For more details, you can refer to Sonya's Garden website--click here.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wish Lanterns + Foodtrip @ Banchetto 11-11-11

**According to Banchetto's fb account, the event was canceled  due to safety reasons.

Have you watched wish lanterns in cartoons, and movies? Now it's time for you to fly one!

Photo and contents care of

This Wish Lantern event will happen on November 11, 2011 (11-11-11), at Banchetto Megatent. As an FYI, wish lanterns are biodegradable and safe. You can see them float for around 12 minutes, and after that they will be too far to be seen by naked eye.

As you let your lantern fly, don't forget to make a wish. It costs 100 pesos, and you can actually reserve one, to make sure that you have something to look forward with this great night. It is on a first come first serve basis, and deadline will be tomorrow, Friday, 12 noon.

Aside from lanterns, you can also have foodtrip after! Both street foods, home made types, and high end ones are being sold at Banchetto, so it will be a nice experience to savor!
Photo courtesy of

bring your friends and family now! Seeyah!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ready for Ultimate Taste Test 7.0 ?---Definitely!

UTT 6.0 just happened last September, and after that, all of us are anxious and excited to grab another set of tickets for UTT 2012. Well, I have a good news to share..

You don't have to wait for a very long time! UTT 7.0 will happen this November 17, 2011--brought to you by The Awesome Planet and San Miguel Lifestyle Brews! This one is a special UTT for Christmas! Super good news to start the day right? Plus, consider the fact that the tickets are actually cheaper than the last UTT.

Poster courtesy of The Awesome Planet
Here are the details:

Date: November 17, 2011
Place: Mercato Centrale @ Bonifacio Global City
Time: 7pm-10pm
Ticket Price: 385 php/head
# of booths participating: over 50+ home-food businesses

For more details, you can refer to The Awesome Planet's Post about this :)

Last time, I went to the event together with my friends, Now I'm thinking If I should also bring my family! This will really be a great moment to develop bonds, and cherish times! Bring yours now !

See you there!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Harbour City- precious egg tarts in Cebu!

While walking at Ayala Mall Cebu, we passed by this huge restaurant--Harbour City

Since it is afternoon, my Dad and I just ordered snacks. First is the Hakao (~70 pesos)
Melt in your mouth Hakao
Their Hakao is good! For a relatively low price, the  dumpling is full of fresh shrimps inside. The coating has a soft texture that really melts in your mouth.  The idea makes me hungry now! Here is a shot of me with the empty hakao container

Ratings: 5/5

Me with Hakao, red blouse, and blue nail polish.
Last but not the least, and the star of this post is the EGG TART! As you all know, our family is such an addict for this snack, and after seeing it in the menu, we exploded with excitement!

Presenting..... the egg tart (~30 pesos)
flaky and creamy egg tart
The egg tart from Harbour City is composed of a flaky pastry and a creamy egg filling. Personally, I can compare it directly with KFC Hongkong's version, and we absolutely love it! Try it for yourself and you'll never regret it!

Ratings: 5/5

One is not enough neither is two, so we bought 10 pieces!
10 pieces egg tart for breakfast
I hope I can go back again to Cebu to taste these yummy egg tarts again. Their yumminess will be forever stucked in my taste buds.