Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White Hat- healthy, yogurt treat

Ice cream has been man's bestfriend treat through the years.It's just terrible how it adds tons of calories. And so, man tried to create something new, -and healthy of course.

White Hat has been one our favorite merienda (and even morning snack) since it opened its doors to the Philippines. My personal favorite is the blueberry-strawberry yogurt.Here's a picture for your own judgment,
Plain Yogurt with Bluberries and Strawberries in syrup

well, i always choose blueberry as one of my toppings considering the fact that it is the #1 brain food in the world. Pair it with Strawberries in syrup, and you'll surely be hyper and kicking throughout the day. The sweetness of these toppings rightfully complement the plain, slightly creamy and tangy taste of the plain White hat yogurt.

Mango - Crushed Graham - Cheesecake in Plain Yogurt

my sister's favorite is the fresh mangoes-crushed graham - cheesecake combo. She sinfully praises the way the special cheesecake (which is not that sweet, but creamy and soft) melts in her mouth.The mango and graham proves to be a great partner when it comes to yogurt ice cream.

By the way, these pictures were taken during white hat's(Alabang Town Center branch) anniversary. We got 2 toppings/ order absolutely FREE!. Thanks!

Other must try toppings combo:

*Blueberry + Homemade Granola
==> a must try for health buffs. the granola has the crunchy, yummy taste with a touch of cinnamon,

*Cheesecake + Oreo + Chocolate Syrup
==> sweet combination for kids and kids at heart. a chocolate-yyy merienda.


  1. Ms. kung yogurt yan healthy nga yan kaso naman mahal yan... tama ba???

  2. @Ms Velasco: yes... (=_=) a very bourgeois treat indeed..

  3. @Mrs. Velasco,
    yes.medyo pricey compared to a normal ice cream. but you'll surely get what you paid for.=)
    next time, i'll try to review cheap yet good alternatives=)

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