Thursday, October 7, 2010

Serenitea - milk tea and pepper snacks!

My milk tea madness started when we went to Hongkong 3 years ago. I cannot drink milk in its plain form (eversince I'm 1 year old). So, I always find ways to have my needed calcium supply. Ice cream, Yogurt, Chocolate drinks, are just some of my sources. and now, let me add MILK TEA!

3 years have passed since my milk tea search craze begun. Everytime I see milk tea in the menu, I order it. Chowking's  Nai cha, Bubba's brew milk tea, and even Lipton's milk tea in the sachet are a few of what I have tried. Too bad I wasn't able to find the taste my buds are long looking for.Thank God, Serenitea opened their Alabang Town Center Branch!

During their opening, wintermelon milk tea is up for a free taste. Actually, I don't know what a wintermelonlooks like, and where can it be found. I asked the help of mr. Google, and here is a picture:

A Wintermelon fruit.(looks like the local fruit, upo)
I ordered the medium size of Wintermelon Milk Tea, 95 pesos (medium, since they are offering a FREE upsize, which made my drink , large). Ooooohhh..It really tastes good!just like the original one in Hongkong! On my next visit, I also tried their Okinawa Milk Tea, (with extra pearl) 103 pesos-large. It has somewhat same taste with the wintermelon, but I like Okinawa better. I think, Okinawa has a black sugar base, while wintermelon is more of caramel. A piece of advice when ordering at Serenitea: you can ask the barista about the taste. they can help you a lot since they are really knowledgeable on it.
Okinawa Milk Tea, 103 pesos, with extra pearl

Milk Tea!!!

One major feature of Serenitea is that you can actually choose the level of sweetness- either 0%, 25%,50%, 75%, 100%. For health-conscious pips out there, maybe you'll choose the 0% option. But for me, who loves average choices, I opt for the 50%. Better to stay in the middle. Nevertheless, i think there is not much difference on the taste itself, since their milk tea perce, is well blended-not too bitter, not too sweet, and neither too herbal.

As a snack for the Julia Robert's movie - Eat, pray, love, I also ordered a Sweet pepper corn (50 pesos, for 1 cob). It is topped with fried and dried basil leaves (yum!yum!).
Sweet Pepper Corn , 50 pesos

The "special"( as they say) sweet pepper flavoring of serenitea is delicious!Magnificent, shall I say!. it smells good (more of cinnamon-chili). For 5 minutes, the staff will prepare it, and they will hand you over a crunchy, sweet peppery corn! (chopped in 3 pcs). It is insanely appetizing. Bite at it, and your lips will surely catch a lot of pepper, then lick it!Oh Good! In reality, even though you can smell the cinnamon, you won't catch a sweet taste of it. It smoothly blends with the pepper. The basil leaves are quite astonishing. At first, I don't know what it is. But when I tasted it, it is crunchy and healthy! (doesn't taste like a leaf, but rather a snack.) I swear, I'll buy this everytime we go at ATC.

My next targets: everything on their snack list! 
*Hashbrown-35 pesos
*Pepper tofu-50 pesos
*Pepper Potato-50 pesos
*Chicken Chop-45 pesos
*Fish&Chips-95 pesos


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