Friday, October 8, 2010

Polly's Chocolate Cake

Polly here, Polly there, Polly everywhere...It seems that Ms. Polly is really a celebrity when it comes to her famous CHOCOLATE CAKE...try to type it in Google, and for sure, you'll see tons of search results-all pertaining to the yummy chocolate-yyy goodness of her cake.

Earlier, after strolling at Glorietta, we decided to watch a movie at Alabang. The idea easily popped  in my head. We're gonna pass by Shell Magallanes Station-the chocolate cake heaven.Yipeee!

I'm anxious, excited, and hungry all at the same time while on the way there.After a few minutes, Gotcha!Yehey!Thank God!

Polly's Chocolate cake piled up in one corner.

The large Polly's Chocolate Cake cost 440 pesos (8 by 8 inches), here's a picture of it

8 by 8 inches Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake, 440 pesos

It may look like a normal cake, but beware of its "Killer taste".Since we are on a diet (called see-food diet), we decided to order first a slice-just to make sure that our money's gonna get its worth..haha
Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake, 60 pesos/slice

 This slice costs 60 pesos. We ate it immediately after buying.and Oh! The buzz is true! It's delicious-heavenly-soft-moist-chocolatey-and loaded with chocolate frostings.Aside from the top and side frostings, the middle part is also full of chocolate. The good thing is that it is not that sweet, and neither bittersweet.Just with the right taste. it outruns Conti's (sorry for Conti's choco cake fans out there) in the field of choco cake I tell you sir/ma'am.=)

Oopss.last bite.Who will get it? (Of course, me!)

If you are familiar with Hungry Pac  (from ATC/ Ayala Malls food choices; please consult the picture below), it is quite the same with this one. The only difference is that Ms.Polly assured that her cake will be filled and overflowed with yummy choco frosting, and the cake is soft, but moist. 
Hungry Pac's Chocolate Cake , 48 pesos/slice
The price is right for the quality and size you'll be getting. Surely, you'll never ever ever forget Shell Magallanes Station after you taste this.

Personally, I'm declaring this as the BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER in my 21 years of existence..(oops, you finally knew my age!).

This is true if you are in search of yours, then try this creation of Ms.Polly.You might find your best cake ever too.


  1. ate ate... ano po pagkakaiba nyan sa chocolate cake ng goldilocks at red ribbon???? feeling ko mas masarap pa yun eh... bukod sa price ha.. :)

  2. roberthe, mas masarap tlga ito promise. Mas moist, soft and chocolate-y. Un nga lang, if you are on a tight budget, your choices would be better.for special events ok tlga to=)

  3. ate... parequest ako ng pagkain... pede pizza naman... mura matatamis to eh... nakakasuya na.. hahah.. please.. :)

  4. haha.sure! i'm on my way in reviewing italian specialties.=)

    kung nasa budget ka, ok ang Chansel!

  5. I will be waiting for pizzas ( yan ba plural ng pizza??? ) and pastas... and be sure that it is really delicious!!! thank you... :) jejjejeje

  6. this is something that i need,,more chocolates to produce endorphins to overcome depressions.. =)

  7. Is it near MRT Magallanes? Delicious adjectives.. haha.. Since you said it as the best, I should try it. =)

    @Von: pampatibok ng puso!

  8. haha!Von keep your heart in good condition.pde ding pampa-manhid?hahahah!

    toby:endorphinssss.we need some of those due to our stressful review for the board!

  9. agree.. nung sinabi mong best, i had to try it.. ayun.. baka next week balik ako.. haha

  10. rass: haha!cge try mo.feel free to comment about it after.

  11. hi mam marianne! pano po pumunta sa shell magallanes from excel review center sa manila? thanks! :)

  12. hello- actually, the only way i can think of is taxi. punta ka muna sa makati area via jeep/bus, then sakay ka ng taxi dun.. or kung magdadala ka ng car, from makati, daan ka sa SLEX, makikita mo na shell magallanes dun :)here's the wikimapia link>>>

  13. We ordered a round cake before in their makati location. I like the icing. The cake is too fluffy for me. Haha i prefer spone cakesthan chiffon :)

  14. the icing is the winning piece of Ms. Polly's cake


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