Friday, October 29, 2010

Mary Grace: Lemon Squares to die for?

Sometimes...I get tired of chocolate.and cream.and nuts.and icing.

and yet, my palate is still searching for something sweet.
Do you ever have any idea what to eat in this case of dilemma?

Well, I have a suggestion.
Try Mary Grace's Lemon Squares (8 pcs, for 115 pesos)

8 pcs, 115 pesos , Mary Grace
For some,  lemon touch in a pastry doesn't sound "oh-so-good-and-sweet" at all. Maybe, you have to taste this one first before throwing that judgment out.

Lemon Squares -closeup. Crumbs delight!

The soft lemon-flavored bread on the top of this pastry is combined with a cheesecake-like crust (not the creamy ones, rather, the moist and firm type), which simply balances the sour,creamy, and sweet taste of the flavors.

A simple delight for a wonderful afternoon!
Try it.For sure, you'll get what you paid for.(which is quite on the higher end level).

Mary Grace has numerous branches: ATC, MOA, Robinson's Place Manila, etc.

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