Sunday, October 31, 2010

KFC Egg Tart: Flaky Sweet Snack! The BEST!

Years ago, when we visited Hongkong, we ate a lot of foods (both street and native delicacies): Curry Balls, HK version of coconut juice, Cuttlefish, Squid, Pineapple bars, and blah..blah..blah.. (too many good things to remember=P)

If you're going ask me, what's the best, I would have no second, third, or fourth doubts in answering "KFC EGG TART!". We compared 5 egg tart brands in HK, and of all we loved this fast food's own rendition of a traditional snack. So everytime my dad visits HK, he would surely have a box or two as a pasalaubong for us here in the Philippines.

Sneak Peak..

Egg Tarts, 6 pcs (1 box), 35 HK $

(you'll probably think where the KFC logo is at the bottom, so it will give you some confusion at first..)

Fresh from the box

Close Up. YUM!

See my big bite?haha

Just to give a brief review, there are 2 kinds of egg tart crust:Shortcrust pastry (more on the crumbly, bread like consistency), and the Puff Pastry(or the flaky ones). Most Hongkong food purists prefer the latter one.

The egg tart crust is FLAKY. The kind that is same with tuna /beef/chicken Turnover, or with the Croissant. It is not sweet, which greatly complements the Egg tart filling inside. It is soft, custardy, and comes with the right sugar amount!  This is great for breakfast, snack, and after-meal desserts. Quite a guilt though, but still, it's one of the best snacks I would have if it will be my last day on earth.haha(kidding!).

That's All.!If you get a chance to stroll around HK, try this! There are no egg tarts sold in KFC branches here in the Philippines, so maybe we have to wait a year, two, or forever..=P
By the way, Happy Halloween guys! Ho,..ho...ho!
enjoy the short but meaningful vacation!


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